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Falcons Not Switching Scheme Entirely, Will Run Hybrid

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4-3 under is basically an old 5-2 front with new school personnel. And look at that picture of Seattles D with the Safeties playing 6 yards off the ball. That is badass. They are daring them to pass. That is why we need a top flight FS

That is why we got rid of DeCoud. We need a guy who can handle playing cover 1.

I was on reddit the other day and one thread was about if you had to rebuild your team and you could only keep two players from you current team, who would they be. The vast majority of seahawks fans said Wilson and Thomas. Or Lynch and Thomas. In the 4-3 under, a FS that can handle the cover 1 is like gold. It is also why I think they will sign Thomas and Wilson long term and let Sherman walk.

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I find it amazing that this can be explained time and time again, that the alleged 3-4 move can be debunked over and over, and that the FO can even come out publicly and say that we run a hybrid, and yet some posters here still can't get it through their thick skulls, that we don't, haven't, and won't be running a mother truckin P.O.S. 3-4.

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