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If We Add Demarcus Ware And Chris Clemons Our Defense Would Be Amazing

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yeah Ware didn't play much and way too much money, injuried all the time Mariuchi was dogging him on NFL network awhile ago, stating when Dallas needed a big 3rd down stop he was always on the sideline. Clemons would be huge though, or at least Mitchell.

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Pass on Ware. We have a stout DL with these signings - need that money for OL/FS help and draft picks. Plus he is injury prone and will want more than he is worth to us.

What they **** are you on? Must be some good stuff

Our "DL" in 3-4 sets is stout but when you talk about the most valuable asset to a defense a pass rusher we don't have that. Ware is only 32 he can still be quite productive will he be a 15-20 sack guy no but 10-12 yes.

We got bigger I don't know if we got that much better because it all comes down to getting after the QB and our d was injured early and often last year. We have a buch of solid rushers in kroy,osi and mass but no one worth game planning for. I think i'd cut osi sign ware and some one else along with a safety and then the d is pretty much complete.

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