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Clowney In A 3-4

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Guest F_A_1_C_O_N

I'm sick of clowney. Nothing against the OP. But there is just to many people talking on a guy who has a lot of flags.

Hope free agent starts soon. Just so maybe i can go a day without hearing about this guy.

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If Clowney falls, you grab him, but he shouldn't be the guy we are depending on designing our defensive scheme after.

I agree. You take him and make him work given his talent, but he just isn't a perfect schematic fit like Mack and Barr.
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Clowney would fit in any defense as long as he's pointed at the quarterback.

Bruce Smith played just about his whole career as a 3-4 defensive end and got 200 sacks doing it because he was essentially allowed to function as a 4-3 end. No coach alive is going to waste a talent like Clowney playing him head up on a tackle every play.

The same question was asked about Von Miller when Denver drafted him: "How's he going to fit in Fox's 4-3 defense?" Little details like 3-4 or 4-3 are for fans to argue over. Coaches (well good coaches) find places for their special players.

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Demarcus Ware's Combine:

6040, 251

4.56 40

27 reps

38 1/2 vert

10'02" broad jump

6.85 3 cone

Jadeveon Clowney's Combine:

6052, 266

4.53 40

21 reps

37 1/2 vert

10'04" broad

7.27 3 cone

Nope. No idea how he'd fit in a 3-4.

actually the most important comparison would be that 3 cone drill shows your change of direction ability
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