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To The Board Elders And Decent Amongst Us. Googlebots Hate Speech.

Guest Deisel

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Let's just pretend for one second that this really is your first account and you've never been here before joining in December. You've posted enough and been in enough threads to know who these people are.

Actually, I don't know who they are because I've never seen anything from these other fellers.
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"You're a ******* idiot and I can only assume everyone that comes in contact with you hates you. They also likely make fun of your missing eye and terrible grammar. **** you."

To the board members, is this acceptable? This kind of nonsense is Unnecessary. This poster should be called out.

This is definitely against the Code of Conduct. Attacking and calling out posters, especially upstanding guy like Google Boot. I think it is time for Snake to take a nice long break.

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