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The Nfl's Best Gms...... #10. Thomas Dimitroff


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He reworked the scouting department cause he knows his job is on the line. Desperate measures for desperate people . 5 consecutive winning seasons and only 1 playoff win to show for . This team went to a SB and NFC champ game prior to so lets not act like TD brought this team to new found heights . TD brought stability to franchise in a time of need with Ryan and Mike Smith but he has not built off that and brought this team to the NEXT LEVEL . That is what you don't understand so while we're picking 6th in 2013 nfl draft largely part due to his decisions you have to wonder what direction this Falcons franchise is going cause it appears we are closer to picking in top 10 next year then reaching our ULTIMATE GOAL

you know a Super Bowl

We're a season away from the edge of the Super Bowl...that seems like a solid "next level." And then this season.....**** happens. He deserves blame for this year...just like he deserves credit for the 5 years prior.

Every GM makes mistakes and miscalculations. Every. Single. One.

The anti-TD movement on this board is even more hysterical in the context of a league where so many teams have struggled to find any sort of consistency. In his time here, how many GMs have been hired/fired? Buffalo, Miami, the Jets, the Browns (3 times), The Chiefs, the Chargers, the Broncos, the Raiders, the Titans, the Jags, the Colts, the Eagles, the Redskins, the Bears, the Vikings, the Lions, the Bucs, the Panthers, the Seahawks, the 49ers, the Rams, Cardinals. All teams ping ponging back and forth with zero consistency. Do you know how many of these teams would still love to have the track record of the TD Falcons? Go ask a Bills fan if just being relevant is enough. Go ask a Browns fan what its like to cheer for a team that can't get out of its own way.

TD has earned the benefit of the doubt. That's not a lifetime lease on his job, but its sure as **** enough to withstand one perfect shitstorm season.

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we were edge away from SB in 2004 with Mora , Vick and McKay .

Id rather ask a , Gaints, Steerlers, Pats , Packers ,Ravens , fan How it feels to win

a championship

Right....and 4 years later after a federal investigation and a coach-walk out, we looked elsewhere. It's not like we let a GM field a team that consistently got out to 6-2 type starts only to **** the bed down the stretch. It's not like we gave a GM another crack at hiring a coach and rebuilding. And clearly that GM NEVER made mistakes.

How have the Pats been doing "taking that next step" for the last 10 years? You'd **** your ******* pants if we put up the track record of any of these teams except Baltimore. And if they go .500 again, you'd be shitting your pants then, too.

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Pats have 3 championships and been to 2 Super Bowls over last 7 seasons . Falcons have one single playoff win over the span . Pats fans have nothing to be ashamed of they can't win a SB all the time

True for a reasonable fan. For a chronic goalpost mover? For a disingenuous "fan"? Nope. Just like Ryan would never be Top 5 in anything....errrrrr Top 3! Just like you'd shut the **** up once the Falcons went to a conference champio errrrrrrrrrrr Super Bowl.

The fact remains that this team and its players will be the subject of your horseshit unless Matt Ryan throws 6 TDs in a 40 point SB win. Anything less and you'll find the deficiency. And even then, I have ZERO doubt that the moment we woke up the day after the championship parade, you'd start stumping to trade Ryan to maximize value.

Because you're a trolling malcontent.

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