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Forget Byrd Guys.. Seeking 9 Mil A Year...


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Free-agent safety Jairus Byrd is aiming to become one of the NFL's highest-paid safeties when he hits the open market Tuesday. A source tells ESPN.com Byrd is seeking a long-term deal in the range of $9 million per season.

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Tom Szczerbowski/Getty ImagesFree agent Jairus Byrd is seeking a deal worth around $9 million a season, according to a source.

Byrd, 27, is coming off his third Pro-Bowl season with the Buffalo Bills where he recorded 48 tackles and four interceptions. Talks broke down with Buffalo last week, and other teams have been free to negotiate with Byrd since Saturday.

If the market is strong enough for Byrd, he could challenge the Kansas City Chiefs' Eric Berry as the league's highest-paid safety. Berry signed a six-year, $60 million contract in 2010, which averages to $10 million per season.

Other safeties such as Dashon Goldson of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Eric Weddle of the San Diego Chargers recently signed free-agent contracts that averaged at least $8 million per season. Byrd has a good chance to surpass that number this year in free agency.

The NFL Network reported over the weekend that the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams are two teams showing early interest in Byrd.

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He won't be here. Look for Mike Mitchell,Antoine Bethea or Delmas to be our next Safety


It's not TD's style to sell the farm on a Tuesday evening signing. If history is any indication. He will wait for a week, let the brown, raiders, Jets spend all of their money on one guy, then he will sign a good veteran at a great price in a cap-friendly deal.

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here is my thing:

If Falcons are going to execute plan - bring in guys like Asamoah(RG), Linval Joseph(DT), guys like that - then I agree - let's put the money on the lines of scrimmage - we can get a cheaper free safety.

However, if Falcons are going to get cheaper options on the OL/DL, then why not get Jarius Byrd.

I really hope we don't get Byrd though - would rather have the top free agent money spent in bulk on more guys and on the lines of scrimmage.

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Maybe no Byrd. But man that would've been SWEET!!! How about a rookie? I would like to see the position filled for the long term rather than a stop gap.

We have two brand new corners and Willy Mo isn't that old either. I would like to have experience at that position for a few years until Alford and Trufant are established. A rookie scares me although no rookie will be as bad as Decouldn't.

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If his market currently is only St. Louis I think we could be a player (and at a slightly lesser price), the Rams aren't exactly swimming in cap room. Unless the raiders or browns step in he might not get what he wants.

I believe ive seen a cleveland rumor. Ill see if I can find it.

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We have enough to do both, IMO. Especially given how much production you can get from cheap DTs.


You do realize part of the reason our safties were exposed so much last year was because of the play of the d-line, right?

Ideally you don't want your safties to have to tackle running backs so much because they should be stopped by the front 7.

Guards and otherlinemen were coming free and making it to the second level taking out the LBs routinely so the last line of defense was the safety.

I've seen this team go cheap with DTs and I've seen what happened when we signed Rod Coleman. While Coleman was an exceptional signing but just getting 1/2 that production would improve this defense dramatically.

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Guest facelessman07

Or people who realize the value of elite players in an increasingly pass heavy league.

Cheap DT's is what we've lived off the past 6 years. How's that worked out for us? You build a defense the way Rivera has in Carolina-BUILD THE FRONT 4. He's put on a fvcking clinic, and his defense did pretty d@mn well against passing teams, even though their secondary wasn't the best. Why? Because they could pressure the QB. It's that simple

Pressure the QB consistently and the secondary's job becomes much easier. Byrd will do nowhere near what he's done in Buffalo with our front 4

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I say do it. Shore up that secondary for years to come. This isn't going to be a typical falcons off-season. We brought in some pioli who will have a voice and devaney will have some say so as well. Pioli drafted Eric Berry and knows the value of a versatile safety. Unless we trade back and draft Pryor I'm thinking go for the jugular and get Byrd.

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