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2014 Starting Offensive Line?

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I'd be great with this. Or as ffs1970 says "happy as a mofo". Btw I don't think Konz is busted yet. Pat hill was terrible, and Konz just wasn't ready. I think he'll be back and very good this year, particularly if we improve the RG and RT position.

Btw if we miss Robinson, put Matthews or Lewan and I'd still be happy

Exactly. With better players and coaching around him he too should improve.

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I've just been watching game rewind on our games vs Redskins and now 49ers and GD OUR LINEMEN RUNNING AROUND LIKE THEIR HEADS CUT OFF!!!! The O Line coach WHAT THE **** did he teach them?>????

Between Hawley playing Center and Konz playing RG I'm like WTF???

It's like they don't know which blitzers to pick up and they just run around clueless!!!!

The screen passes to SJ39 come off like diddley poo because the linemen are a bunch of dingos!

SJ39 shoots the wrong gap or the linemen block wrong and it all looks like horse manure.


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Hawley is not solid . He's a backup . I don't care who you put beside him . You are what you are. Yea Konz was horrible , but Hawley wasn't much better. We have a hole at center , period .

This is spot on, people saying hawley and konz are decent. NO NOT REALLY. LOOK AT THE TAPE

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Ryan was getting constant pressure up the middle because our RG was getting blown up on a consistent basis, right along with other spots on the line. Konz, every time he played. Center is a concern, yes, but I think Hawley is serviceable there, and if we upgrade the RG position with Asamoah and draft another beast we would be solid. These guys work together on the line and Reynolds/Holmes were the root of most of it. God awful.

We need to hedge our bets a bit, and get someone in here to compete with both Hawley and Konz. I am thinking JD Walton is the guy.

Walton was drafted in the 3rd round the same year Julio was. Walton was the top rated senior center in that draft. Started for Denver as a rookie, but injured his ankle four games into 2012. Summer 2013 he suffered a setback. Late last season Denver let Walton walk (they needed the roster spot) and Washington picked Walton up off of waivers, right in front of us.

Walton started as a rookie, he has almost as much starting experience at center as Konz and Hawley put together. Walton did not grade out so well before his injury, but Denver liked what they saw enough that they kept playing him. Shanahan said last season, that Walton was a pickup for the future. Not so sure what thier new coach thinks, but Walton is an FA last I looked.

Walton would come relatively cheap, would provide competition, and at the least depth. Personally I want Konz to be groomed to take over for Blalock. Blalock is another player whose pay far exceeds his play. If Konz could take over for Blalock year after next, I think that is about the most we can ask for out of Konz.

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