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Falcons Must Bring In Darren Sproles!

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what I was proving is that Quizz and Sproles are mainly in on passing downs. And out of your own mouth you said Sproles was better pass receiver than Quizz. So that means Sproles will be an upgrade over Quizz. And every kick return will be an upgrade. Not even to say Sproles returns punts as well. So that that all spelled out you still think Quizz is better?

Quizz offers more on passing downs based on his pass protection. And nothing is an upgrade unless we get better blockers on punts. Kickoff returns are pretty much extinct you don't waste a roster spot on one of them anymore.

Quizz is overall better. Sproles only has receiving, and he's in the decline of his career as well.

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the fact that they don't want to pay a part time player $3.5 million more than possibly the real reason. He still put up 800+ yards total on the ground and in the air. That's pretty impressive for a part time player

Good point. The Saints just can't afford to keep him.

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