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I Feel Like Td Might Get Taken To The Cleaners... For No Reason

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My hope all along has been that the Falcons either remain at #6 overall or trade back and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd. I really don't want to see them give away the house again to move up 4 spots and get the Rams #2 pick.

With this draft being so deep, the first ten picks in this draft will be walking away with some sort of instant impact player. So even if the Falcons remain at #6 and the first five players off the board(no particular order) are:

1. Clowney

2. Watkins

3. Bortles

4. Robinson

5. Mack

The Falcons still have an opportunity to walk away with Jake Matthews or Anthony Barr if they stay still at #6. Or they can trade back to a team like Detroit trying to get a receiver like Mike Evans, pick up a player like Aaron Donald or Taylor Lewan and an extra 2nd rounder.

Yes it would be nice to pick up Clowney at #2 as long as we don't need to sell the farm to do so. And i just have the feeling that TD would feel so much pressure to trade up and get him if he doesn't go #1 overall.

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I am thinking that first we need to lock up Mike Johnson long term. Maybe 8 years at 8 mil per. Second, we need to let the dust settle from the Jairus Byrd deal and then add two years and 1.5 mil per to his deal for Decoud. Ha, you just thought you signed the highest-paid safety in the league, what now!

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