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Sky's 3/7/14 Offseason. Some May Hate It, Some May Love It


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I decided to go away from the normal mocks again. My reasonbehind this mock is TD could very well continue to add to the secondary this year to cement a better pass defense.

I'm not saying I think this WILL happen. I'm saying the possibility is there, and it isn't a horrible idea as long as we can fix our lines as well.

















Eugene Monroe RT

This fixes our RT for a few years with a guy who's proven to be an effective lineman.

Jon Asamoah RG

Another offensive line fix for a few years. Our run and pass game just instantly improved with these 2 signings

Lamarr Houston DE

Decent at stopping the run and ruahing the qb. Will provide vet leadership along with Osi to our project ends

Paul Soliai DT/NT

Beef for our weak DT situation. A Nolan guy



The phone rings. The Jets are tired of having a horrible WR squad. They just released Santonio Holmes. They decide they want a guy that Mayock has raved about.

The Jets trade their 1st, 2nd, 4th, and a couple 2015 picks to move up to #6 to select Watkins.

1st round at #18

Calvin Pryor FS Louisville

With the pitiful performance by Decoud this year, along with the inability to generate pressure, our defense has suffered. Dimitroff cements our secondary for years to come by adding the missing piece. With Trufant, Alford, Moore, and now Pryor, there won't be many better secondaries out there.

Round 2

Stephon Tuitt DT Notre Dame

He'll be perfect in our rotation, and eventually take the starting spot from Babs. At 6'5 304 pounds, he'll answer part of our DT woes. If he isn't available, we take Hageman as a consolation prize

2nd from Jets trade

Trent Murphy DE/OLB

This guy will take Kroy's spot as our DE and OLB hybrid role. He can generate pass rush from either position. With Osi and Houston to learn behind, we'll create a monster here.

3rd round

Gabe Jackson RG

Blaylock's eventual successor. We gave him the opportunity to learn from Asamoah as well. Should solidify our line in 2015 and be great depth this year

4th round

Daniel McCullers NT/DT Tennessee

Peters is on a one year deal and will likely be gone next year, along with maybe Babs as well. Best to double dip here

4th from Jets

CJ Fiedorowicz TE Iowa

Our tight end cupboard is bare. This is a definite pick of need, and a much better option than the available FAs

4th comp

Andre Williams RB Boston College

He can't catch very well. That's why he's available this far down. We don't need a receiving back. His job is to force the defense into stacking the box. He'll excel at it.

5th round

Bryan Stork, Center

Hawley is not a long term answer. Simple as that. This guy will compete for the starting job on day 1

6th round

JC Copeland FB LSU

What can I say about him that hasn't already been said? He'll give us path to run. With two powerhouses like him and Andre Williams, our run game will get a greatly needed breath of life.

7th and 7th comp

BPA corners for depth. I won't even pretend to know anything about corners available this late in the draft.



You can't fix everything with one draft. With that being said, I think this does a pretty decent job at trying. I know many of you will have a stroke just thing about not picking a DT, DE, or RT in the first round, but I feel I addressed those positions decently.

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I really like whag you did with draft although I don't think ny would have to move up to get a quality wide out. Also I doubt we could get monroe to sign to play RT contractually and schematically there would be some huge hurdles.

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I like it. There are exactly two players in this draft that I like that aren't in our normal draft range, which would be Calvin Pryor and Aaron Donald. Dimitroff can play this draft in a lot of different ways. He can go for the home run (which I think he will do for Clowney after certain moves in free agency) or he can go for the depth (which I would do with such a deep draft). I really think there's a huge opportunity to set this team up for another 5 year run this offseason. If we make the right moves it can certainly happen.

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I don't see a reason for bringing in Lamarr Houston and drafting Stephon Tuitt both. They're basically the same player. Don't hate it, don't love it.

Osi is purely rotational at this point. Kroy is gone. Those 2 guys will be our bread and butter pass rushers

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There is a lot to like about what you did there. I would be surprised if we didn't keep our pick at six. I think the brain trust wants a marquis rookie pick to build the lines around. Love the Andre Williams in the fourth round pick. He ran well at the combine for a 230lb bruiser.

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Good thing all our draft picks end up being starters.... Oh wait.

The aim of a draft is to attempt to plug the holes we have. No, they won't all start. Some may fail horribly. That's just part of it. You hit some, you miss some.

Any other words of wisdom you can grace us with?

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