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Randy Starks..how Much?

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Guest King Jigsaw

I'd be cool with a 3 year deal that averages around 5 per. However if we could pay that money to Linval Joseph or Arthur Jones instead, I'd be all over it.

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I think there are enough DT's available to let the market set the cost. If we jump out there, we will find ourselves in the 7-9M range. If we can stay in the 4-6M, we can probably afford Tyson Jackson as well. those two would be better than ANYONE we had last year.

I think Jackson has been miscast his whole career in the KC 3-4 defenses (see Glen Dorsey's success when he left last year). Jackson as a DT will be a beast. Big enough and fast enough to whip guards, he was never going to bend a corner and 3-4 DE's MAIN job is to hold blockers!

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Yeah, but Raji is about the 6-8th best DT in free agency. He is vastly overrated, hence GB offering a one year prove it deal.

I agree there arent any DTs that should surpass 6mm. Melton and Starks are the best two tackles, but neither will get huge deals due to age or injury.

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