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Padawan Knight

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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9 minutes ago, biloxifalcon said:

Not sure what you mean, I just read it was killing it at the box office. Was it expected to do more, less?

From what I just read it made less than 100 million opening weekend. Was expected to do more. Unless I'm reading the wrong chart 

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12 minutes ago, biloxifalcon said:

Ok, I gotcha. Yea I read it's they made it over 50 so far. Still have tomorrow to add a bit more. I don't have a bad opinion of it myself. I might go see CA CW or Xmen tomorrow. ****, might do both!

I'm not really a fan of the xmen movies. I'll just wait for DVD and read the reviews. It's gotten some pretty lackluster reviews also. 

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I liked Xmen.  Not as good as Civil War but a good flick.  Didn't necessarily do Apocalypse justice and there were a few minor issues I had like basically redoing the Quicksilver scene from Days of Future Past that I liked so much.  Still enjoyed it though but it was my favorite comic coming up so I'm kind of a Stan.

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1 hour ago, Flip Wilson said:

Not surprised by this.There have been other people who have worn that suit in the comics. Most notably Stark's Friend Jim Rhodes, when alcoholism took it's toll on Stark. So not very surprised by this move. I hope Stark comes back though. He does in the comics.

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