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Marvel's current take on Civil War has been really ******* awesome for the first 2 issues. In this version, Cap was never assassinated and the war between them never stopped. Instead the United States was literally divided, the East being re-named The Iron under the leadership of President Tony Stark, and the West being re-named The Blue under General Steve Rogers.

A bunch of these what-if Secret Wars books have been really fun. Planet Hulk, Civil War, Ghost Racers, 1602: Angela Witch Hunter, Thors, and of course the main Secret Wars book which will likely go down as Marvel's best event ever, assuming they can stick the landing.

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For any of you kids at heart like myself, Disney XD is doing a new GOTG series soon.....



Interesting. They were already on an episode of Marvel's "Avengers Assemble" this summer (which was admittedly just hyping up their upcoming films but still entertaining) so I figured this was probably on the way.

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Spiderman's involvement will likely follow the comics very closely. They will likely take a lot of liberties but why go through the trouble to bring him in just to stray from the story line that you brought him in for.

I hear ya, but it just seems like black widow is too obvious the choice to be the traitor.

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Still don't like the fact that Widow is with Stark when she should be with the remnants of SHIELD. Switch her and Ant-Man and the teams make perfect sense. There's no way Stark would fall for her infiltrating him again.

Not sure why Scarlet Witch isn't pictured, but I'm sure she'll be on Cap's side. She's not overly fond of Tony.

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