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Padawan Knight

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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I don't remember.

it was towards the end, when cap turned and looked at the guy and said I'll tell him myself thanks. Can't remember who he was talking to, just remember it was at the end. Then again I may have been hearing things, I'll see if I can find a clip

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Who was cap talking to and what were they talking about?

You talking about in the cemetery?

previously said I can't remember who and why. Like I said I may have been hearing things. If I had to guess he may have been talking to Maria Hill

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don't think you understand the concept of the thread

Ha, I guess not... Just assumed it was the new Avengers movie. Obviously haven't read the entire thread smile.png

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Also, Marvel has announced release dates all the way through 2019.


May 1 - The Avengers: Age of Ultron

July 17 - Ant-man


May 6 - Captain America 3

July 8 - Doctor Strange


May 5 - ???

July 27 - ???

November 3 - ???


July 6 - ???

November 2 - ???


May 3 - ???

2017 is going to be a packed year with a Spring, Summer, and Winter release. Rumor is that Marvel plans to fill out most, if not all the remaining titles at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. Some of them can pretty much already be guessed: Thor 3, Avengers 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and maybe Iron Man 4.

My hope for the other 2 is Black Panther and The Inhumans.

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