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Marvel Cinematic Universe [may contain spoilers]

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8 minutes ago, Tribal Chief said:

M’Baku is supposed to be but this mask doesn’t fit that body type


I think there will be some huge swerve by Marvel.


Micheal B. Jordan return looks less likely. I saw that T'Challa had a half brother in the comics named Jakarra. I think he eventually became a villain though.

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On 10/14/2022 at 2:01 PM, RandomFan said:

She-Hulk was good, I loved the Daredevil inclusion. 

However, am I the only one that isn't that stoked about the high amount and type of 4th wall breaking in this show? It's just a bit much, announcing you're a TV show, etc. It kind of flies past the tongue-in-cheek aspect that usually makes 4th wall breaking a low-key treat. 

I can totally understand that.

But I actually really enjoyed the fourth wall breaking simply because A. it was something that happened a lot in the comics so they kept a lot of the tone from the comics in the show which I really appreciate.

#2. It was their way of essentially trolling the marvel trolls.... Which I found hilarious personally. It was their way of telling people not to take **** so **** seriously.... Especially when talking about a fictional comic book hero who turns green.

So I understand why people wouldn't care for it but for me I thought it was done well enough to be enjoyable.

I thought the whole K.e.v.i.n bit was hilarious.

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On 10/15/2022 at 1:42 PM, JayOzOne said:

I'm still avoiding packed public spaces. If this was pre-COVID America, I'd have my ticket already. I know it's going to get spoiled to death, but c'est la vie.

Ewww no. Early matinee while people are at work and school. Gonna go by myself first then take the van when we go on vacation during Thanksgiving week. 

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13 minutes ago, Tribal Chief said:

Mixed results so far for BP2. More postive than negative. The negative looks to be agenda driven though but that's JMO. 

Read a leaked description of the post credit scene and *if* it's true, it's going to make everyone who freaked out happy. 


Killmonger return???


Something tells me this movie will reek of the feminist movement.

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47 minutes ago, Tribal Chief said:

Ewww no. Early matinee while people are at work and school. Gonna go by myself first then take the van when we go on vacation during Thanksgiving week. 

LOL. Enjoy it. I'm happy to watch movies alone and I'm cool with a morning matinee or a midnight showing.

I remember being on a business trip in 1999. Got there on Monday, coming home on Friday. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace released at midnight Wednesday morning. Talked to the missus Wednesday afternoon and told her Thursday's class was canceled and I failed to move my plane ticket to come home a day early. She asked what I planned to do and I told her I was going to see the new Star Wars movie. Stoopid stoopid stoopid stoopid stoopid for me to tell the truth.

My wife is not a movie person. And she doesn't know the difference between Luke Skywalker and Mr. Spock. But she insisted I wait to see it with her the next week. So now, I had nothing to do. I went to lunch the next day and the restaurant I chose sat about 100 yards away from a movie theater that had 12 screens. SW:TPM was on eight of them. There were probably 30 cars in the parking lot. I could literally eat my ****ing lunch and walk over to see it on matinee before anybody I know saw it. But I'm a man of my word and that ****ed movie got spoiled 20 times over and twice on Sundays before she finally was ready to go and even then, she didn't enjoy it.

With that being said, I've gotten used to waiting even though nothing duplicates the experience of watching movies at the theater. I hope you enjoy it.

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