Bpa In This Draft May Be Aaron Donald!

By MD-FalconFan13 in Talk About the Falcons,
Clowney, well is Clowney. Nationally touted as the best thing since sliced bread Mack is, as one poster stated, a Queen on the chessboard. Capable doing almost anything on defense But to me, there is no better play disrupter/defensive nightmare than Aaron Donald, and hus showing at the combine should have cemented it. The guy, a 288 lb DT, ran a 4.6 w/ 1.5 sec 10-yard splits (Clowney's spilt was 1.6). As if that wasn't even, he benched 225lbs a whopping 32 times. All this after dominating in the Senior Bowl and last season. He won every award a DT can win except the Heisman. Everyone is mentioning Clowney for his size and athleticism. Donald gets mentioned for what he does on a football field. Maybe we shouldnt worry whether Mack and Clowney are gone. Cause there may be a player better than both still available.
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