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Once again I've been thwarted by my n00bness with my new iPad --- I wrote out all 4 scenarios and explained them in detail (evaluating the players received, the draft spot, why each team is moving up, etc.) only for my iPad Safari session to crash which on an iPad really just means minimize Safari and then re-open all of your windows without any written text (terrible for TATF homies like myself).

This extra time has resulted in two positives: first being that I will just make the first post the trade scenarios and save the second post for explanation (I tend to be long winded). Second is that I added a 4th scenario -- a very different scenario.

The premise here is that Jadaveon Clowney has been selected and we choose not to pony up to trade up for him. In my mind, Johnny Manziel has gone number #1 -- just don't see Bortles when all is said and done because he isn't a great thrower.

G-Rob goes #2.

Derek Carr goes #3 -- JAX loves him after coaching him in Senior Bowl, good loud leader and huge arm match Gus Bradley.

Blake Bortles goes #4 to Cleveland -- Teddy is obviously the best QB in this draft to me......but CLE likes his size & arm strength and convince themselves he is Andrew Luck Jr.

Oakland takes Clowney at #5 because Reggie McKenzie believes in strict BPA although I hope that they would be smart enough to take Teddy. However, I can see them shying away from Teddy because of T-Pryor's struggles that they've witnessed first hand although they are nothing alike; but after watching a mobile athletic QB fail in Oakland w/o weapons, very possible they decide it would happen again if they took Teddy at #6 and need to build a team first.

That leaves us with Khalil Mack as probably our pick if we stay at #6, or Barr if he crushes the combine, or Watkins as BPA, or Jake Mathews which would be a horrible misuse of a rare Top 6 selection for us. I think it's in our best interest to leverage the talent on the board ---- Teddy Bridgewater (also Sammy Watkins, Mack, Ebron) ---- and trade down in a poor man's RG3 deal adding some young talent that fits our scheme and maybe another draft pick.

In no order of preference:

1) #6, FS Thomas DeCoud for NYJ #18, DE Quinton Coples, NT Kenrick Ellis, 2015 #2

2) #6 for AZ #20, LB Daryl Washington, 2014 #4

3) #6, OLB Kroy Biermann for TEN #11, DT Jurrell Casey, LB Zach Brown

4) #6, FS Thomas DeCoud for DAL #16, RB DeMarco Murray, TE Gavin Escobar, 2015 #2

To be honest I'm not sure what other draft picks aside from the 2014 #1 would be included -- obviously we want a 2014 #2 or 2015 #1 (I believe Dimitroff will prioritize help now in 2nd round over help later in 1st round --- unless he then trades that 1st for an early 2nd)

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Also feel free to post your own trade down scenarios -- I didn't make it a poll because I am more interested in the discussion around "What should we do if Clowney is off the board" than just telling me which idea you like most.

Obviously preferences can chance after FA --- for example if we signed DT Linval Joseph and DE Greg Hardy, then you could argue the NYJ trade is redundant and adding the impact play of Jurre,l Casey who is more of a 3tech in a 4-3 is what we need instead of a talented 0tech nose tackle --- or you could argue it completes our DLine with 2 run stuffing DTs and two multi talented big DEs so we can focus our draft on other positions.

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