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I know you spent a ton of time on this. And I agree that we REALLY need to bolster the defense, especially in the middle. I've been screaming about the lack of high round picks on defense for years. Especially at DT.

But this plan is WAY too defense heavy. If you think TD is gonna risk Ryan taking the same punishment for another year that he did this year, you're nuts. AB would have his head on a platter.

If the defense can simply be tuned to stop the run, and we get an upgrade to Decoud, they will be a middle tier or better defense with Nolan at the helm. The first step to that is a couple very good DTs, at least ONE of which needs to be BIG, and another needs to be a younger gap penetrator like Babs. That alone will shore the defense. The young LBs an CBs will only get better.

But we are completely wasting the final years of Roddy's career (and already wasted TG's), and losing the PRIME years of Ryan and JJ's career because of this abomination we call an OL. It has to be addressed with veterans that can instantly start. The only veteran change you made to the OL is Oher, who would certainly be an improvement but doesn't have the nasty mentality we need to transform this group. They did a whole movie on it, remember? On the OL we need a skilled veteran leader with a mean streak first. We can't afford projects on the OLine. And anyone outside of the top 5 picks is a project by definition. Even very high OT picks can take 2-3 years to develop. Same with Centers.

This is how it should be addressed, in order of importance:


Draft - DT, OG, DE, OT

I love the detail by the OP though,

If we could replace Oher with an experienced OG like:



W. Smith,

S Lauvao,

T. Wharton, or

C. Rhinehart (Can play ctr too)

I would be much more comfortable with this scenario.

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Not sure where you got Sheard being a Free Agent.

Kahn (JAX) said they will take a QB,or two. He didnt say they will take one at #3. This is far from an amazing QB class. I have read scouts see Bridgewater as a guy who does alot of good, but nothing great that stands out. There is a chance they could take Teddy over Clowney out of desperation, but I doubt it. I really wish they would. If he fell to 4 I would be on the phone asap.

1989's post clearly states he is trading a 4th and 6th rounder to CLE for Sheard.

But I agree with you that JAX would be all over Teddy B in this situation. And if Clowney falls to #4, TD WILL make a trade offer to move up. No doubt in my mind. The cost to go from 6 to 4 is so much easier to bear than 6 to 3/2.

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Regarding Teddy, I am just reading some conflicting info on how much teams like him. I dont seem to be seeing much that shows teams thinking he will be a franchise guy. It seems that it is all Manziel and Bortles now. Manziel has the high ceiling and athletisism and Bortles has the size and live arm. Teddy just seemed to have gotten pushed into the background.

Maybe come draft day he will surprise, but this reminds me of the scenario when Brady Quinn was thought to be the guy to go #1 overall, and his name got stale and he just dropped like a rock. Not comparing the players, just the way they fell once the 'post season' began for college.

I wouldnt be blown away to see Bridgewater fall into the teens, but he could also go top 5. I dont think there is any chance he goes top 2, and only 3 if Clowney is gone (and even then he needs the right scenario)

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