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What They Want: Koetter, Nolan Describe Desired Prospect Traits


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Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan both spoke to the media after Monday’s Senior Bowl practice in Mobile, Ala., and described what traits they’re looking for in offensive and defensive linemen this week, respectively.

Here’s what they had to say.

Koetter: “I’d say probably smart and tough are the two (top) things. We’re gonna be a multiple offense, so can he be an excellent pass blocker — because we’ve got to protect Matt (Ryan) — but can he also move the line of scrimmage in the run game, and can he learn, can he think fast? Can he think on the run? That’s easy for me to say. You can’t get all that watching a guy on film. That’s why you’ve got to rely on your scouts and you’ve got to rely on what the guys are giving you from your pro scouting. And there’s the salary cap — who’s available? Who’s not signing? It’s not just as simple as saying, ‘We like that guy. Let’s go get him.’ The guy’s gotta be available.”

Nolan: “You’re looking for a lot of things. The first thing that always catches your eye is size and athletic ability, because as you walk up on a drill, that’s what you see. As soon as they get into a stance and they come out of it, then you’re looking for some physical ability. How much strength do they have when they meet that offensive player? How much athleticism do they have when they meet that player? After that, you’re looking for toughness. How long does he hang in there before he taps out?”

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Every year it's a new story with this team. This year's new mantra...toughness. Dimitroff should have NEVER been given the GM position on this team. The guy was a glorified SCOUT for goodness sake. He NEVER had decision-making authority as to any player the Patriots drafted--that decision was Belichick's then and now. Someone sold Arthur a bag of steamy hot doo-doo on both McKay and Dimitroff.

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