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When you're the best corner in the game and prove it on the field, what is the point of all the theatrics?

It just seems childish. You don't see JJ Watt or Peyton Manning freaking out. You earn respect Sherman. You sure aren't going to get it freaking out on a player AFTER the game.

Lame and embarrassing.

because he has the emotion that backs it up; these men are destroying their bodies, their brains, their ligaments and limbs; speeding their deaths and amplifying the deterioting effects of the natural world just for the entertainment of homers like yourself. they have the right to be emotional and to prove if they can back it up. they deserve to be elevated above the hoe drum hoe hum laymen that cannot muster the strength to perform at such levels. go home if you can't take it

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Wow. I was just telling my oldest son what a punk he was. Running up to Crabtree and slapping his butt and talking junk. Dude, the game is OVER!! You won, your team is going to the SuperBowl. Go celebrate. Why isn't your focus your team? Why is your main goal and the thing on your mind Crabtree. You made a great play....go celebrate with your boys, the guys you gutted out the season with? Then just as I finished they show him and Andrews and I said, "great". I had no idea he would follow that up with what may have been the most self serving, most classless, inbred, "me", uneducated, ignorant interview I have EVER heard. Again, DUDE, your team is going to the freaking SuperBowl, talk about the win, talk about how great your teammates are, you know that other guy who caught the tipped pass? Thank the fans, coaches, give some respect to the niners. Nope, instead you scream you are the best ever, Crabtree is sorry, etc. etc. Wow. And I was rooting for Seattle the whole game and now I am embarrassed I did. What an FN clown.


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and that is why we are a LOSING franchise and our fan base would rather have guys like Kroy Bierman or Matt Ryan than play makers like Sherman who back up the trash talk.

" I'm the best corner out here Don't send a sorry receiver like Crabtree against the best" Sherman is the Man

I don't understand why everyone thinks you have to talk bs to be good now. My youngest son is a very good wrestler. He is a hammer. He will stare his guy down before the match, hand him his @zz during it, and go to absolute war. But after he shows nothing but class. And it will stay that way. He had two guys talking trash the other day from a rival team at a private club practice and he simply told them to wrestle or shut up and walked away. He has already beaten one of them repeatedly and the other wouldn't last the first round. I have told him for years, "If you are a good enough wrestler, everyone will know it. They will talk about how great you are, you won't have to remind anybody".

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who knows what he said broseph. he could have been congratulating the guy or thanking him for the challenge, you have no ******* idea. why dont you sit down for a second off your soapbox until you know what he really said in that first interaction.

What soapbox am I on homie? Just stating facts. Sherman got in Crabtree's face first after the last INT and cried about him coming back at him. Punk.
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Wow. Some of you posters are sad. Just sad. This is football. It's A GAME. A kid's game. We watch it for entertainment. Richard Sherman is nothing if not entertaining. Anyone who's up in here acting like we're in a cathedral should stop watching football immediately because you are clearly incapable of having fun. Lighten up, Francis. Sheesh...

I don't even like Richard Sherman all that much after his little back-and-forth with Roddy last year. But I'd have to be an idiot to be railing against him right now.

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