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Sherman's definitely a doosh but the cat can play. I know they play different positions but would you rather have a beast with a mouth like Sherman or a puscatore like Decoud whining on Twitter about "I know I'm not exactly ballin' out there..?"

"I'll take The Doosh for $400 Alex."

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Wow, it's amazing how we can go back and forth on another team's player on how much of a beast he is but can't do this for our own players...

Might be because we haven't seen a lot of "beasting" by any Falcons to speak of lately.
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Haha he clearly did that after he got mushed for trying to be a good sportsman to someone who had just begun to feel the sting of the finality of his season and SB dreams... Sherman could've waited til after the final whistle, but when he saw Crabtree's sulking body language as he walked away, he simply wanted to let him know right then and there that he played a he11 of a game and to hold his head high...instead was met with a hand to the face.... So he said screw it, "you suck then!" LOL i love it!!

That's how I saw it and it's funny as heck.....Like high school all over again.

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Id rather win . I'd rather have a team full of thugs , trash talkers that win me a championship then have a team full of all class and good guys that don't win shiiit . That's my take .

I understand that, but if that's the case, we need to stop filling these kids up with the idea that sportsmanship is important, or even necessary.

Just tell them: "Win at all cost--and if you can be really uncouth while you're about it, so much the better"

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because he has the emotion that backs it up; these men are destroying their bodies, their brains, their ligaments and limbs; speeding their deaths and amplifying the deterioting effects of the natural world just for the entertainment of homers like yourself. they have the right to be emotional and to prove if they can back it up. they deserve to be elevated above the hoe drum hoe hum laymen that cannot muster the strength to perform at such levels. go home if you can't take it

I'm pretty sure they do it for themselves and money. Lol

They don't play football for fans of their own teams, let alone fans of other teams. Lol!

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