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Trufant: Nobody Plays Game To Be Average

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I am not arguing Trufant the player I am arguing the impact on the team . Trufant was great but that didnt stop our secondary for being exploited again there are many factors that factor into that but the way this game is played there is more of a emphasis to get to the QB then there is defending the pass . Of course we would like to have both as Sea does but we also don't have the horses up front

TD is building the team from outside in and That's not how you build a good defense

Look at Carolina . They built there def line and got all pro LB now they work on secondary and will have one of best defenses in league for sometime

TD has the raw chance to make up for his F up on both lines with this offseason,... He will have 20-30 cap space depending on what TD does with Cuts and high draft picks...

Important Off season for TD future

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Trufant earned my respect when he put Anquan Boldin on his @$$ in front of the entire nation. And guess what, Boldin didn't bark up that tree anymore.

I really hope we can bounce back next season and play the 9ers again in te postseason so I can see that match up again. Seems like only Sherman and Trufant were the only ones to shut up Boldin when they were on him.
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True Whixh makes me believe that spending multiple picks on corners is not that bright cause no matter how good one pans out like Trufant there is just to many factors into defense and secondary play . We spent a 1st and 3rd on Trufant while also following up with drafting Alford in second

Yet our pass defense was still exploited

A good defensive line can mask secondary issues

A good secondary doesn't always mask defensive line issues

Clowney Linval Joseph and Aaron Donald. Nasty
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it's mind boggling how good Trufant was but how poor our pass defense was

The mind is easily boggled.

Having a good cornerback (like having a good receiver on offense) won't elevate a mediocre defense to greatness. If your linebackers can't stop the run and your defensive line can't rush the passer, having a good player in the secondary, even a potentially great one, won't win you many games.

What seems clear is once the other pieces are in place, Trufant will be more than ready to do his part.

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