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Star Players Of This Team


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Matt, Roddy, Julio and I would even throw Sjax in there because of his career.

There are absolutely NO stars on defense which is why with #6 you go D. If we were in the playoffs this year and was in the divisional round or championship game, there would be no fan base outside of the NFC South who would know an Atlanta impact, gamchanger on D. It's sad.

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Ryan, Julio, Roddy.

Future stars would include Trufant and, possibly, Alford. Worrilow is a good choice, too, but because he was a UFDA, I'm taking a wait and see approach with him. He's good, but "star" is probably pushing it.

Sadly a very short list. Spoon could be a star if he'd stay healthy, but I kept him off the list because he's never on the field.

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Stars: Ryan, Roddy, Julio, TG (he's still technically on the team), Moore, Spoon (when healthy), Bosher

Future stars: Trufant (You could argue he already is but I can't call a rookie a star), Alford, Shraeder, Worrilow

Past stars: Babs, Bryant, Steven Jackson, Osi, Asante

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Ryan, White, Gonzales

J Jones would have been if not for his injury

SJax could have been with a O-line that could run block



Worrilow close but no cigar

Osi could have been with some D-line help

Weatherspoon and Moore would have been if they had stayed healthy

Osi --what was it one of the D coaches said yesterday--"We do not apply pressure with just one person--We apply pressure with 4 people all at the same time."

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Some people here have an odd idea of a "star."

I've picked up on 3 different "stars" in this post

1) League stars---year to year top group of the league players

2) Team stars--year to year team standouts

3) 2013 Team stars -----this season's Team standouts --the group my picks fell into

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Julio, Matt & Roddy are our only star players.

Jackson was arguably a star in St. Louis but hasn't been since he got here. (Not entirely his fault)

Currently no stars on D. Have elite level talent with guys like Moore, Spoon & Trufant but due to inconsistent play, not being on the field, mistakes that come with youth, etc. I wouldn't label any of them a star.

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