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I am starting a revolution and, if you want in, pay attention to my posts during renewal. If you've ever gone to a Hawks game, there is a section of fans that is only Hawks. Loud...unbridled passion...no outside/wishy-washy fans allowed. WE NEED THIS at the Dome and I'm gonna try and make it happen! I am sick of being laughed at, picked on, and told we're not real fans! Here is my response from ticket sales:

"Her: I was following along on the post and it is intriguing, if I am being honest it would be tough to have at the current stadium. Mainly because it would be tough to find a perfect section, in any level. It would mean that season ticket holders would have to give up their long time seating in order to accommodate. It would be worth considering for the New Stadium as we will have a blank canvas and can consider marking sections for families or cheering sections.

Me: I'm thinking there's going to be a drop off in renewals and some seats will be open. If you can find 1 section anywhere that has 3-4 rows empty, let me know and I will coordinate a mass relocation to that section. That might be bending the rules a bit but I will gladly move somewhere to make this happen."

When renewal comes up, I will find one section with 3 rows vacant and post it. If you want to be rowdy ALL THE TIME and in a red and black only section, post your address and we'll do a mass relocation! I will go so far as to call whatever scalper is currently taking a spot and tell them to move...I am serious about this! You'd better be hardcore all the time...no wishing Kaepernick well, no guy-crushing on Breesy or Manning, or loving Vick on the side...this is for current Falcons fans only! That means standing, yelling, screaming all game long and I am gonna get a waiver on that text-a-problem-fan crap! No fighting, fussing, cussing (loud) but unadulterated mayhem is what we need! We are overdue for this fanbase to have a jacked up section! RISE UP!

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