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Playoff Woes For "elite" Qb's


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Andrew Luck 4 INT's, LOSS

Drew Brees only 1 TD, LOSS

Aaron Rodgers only 1 TD, LOSS

Cam Newton 2 INT's, LOSS

I think it's time to stop all the comparisons.

What I love most is luck and cam are the ones the trolls say are sooo much better than Ryan lol

Guess it's hard to win a SB , huh?

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I agree 103 yards shouldn't win a game for any QB. People will still jump all over his jock strap though. Trolls gotta love em.

Russel second year player already has a playoff victory under his belt. You said in your first post the comparisons should stop, yet here you are trying to compare. Are you insecure about Ryan,friend? Edited by Sleepy27
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