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O-Line Self-Evaluation: Ryan Schraeder


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O-line self-evaluation: Ryan Schraeder

January, 12, 2014

JAN 12



By Vaughn McClure | ESPN.com

As he walked into retirement, Hall of Fame-bound tight end Tony Gonzalez made sure to point out one Atlanta Falcon he thought had a bright future: Ryan Schraeder.

The young right tackle was well aware of Gonzalez’s kind words.

``It means a lot coming from a guy who I idolized growing up in Kansas,’’ Schraeder said of Gonzalez, who started his career with Kansas City. ``To be his teammate and pick up little things from him, obviously he’s done a lot of things right so there was a lot to learn from him. Hopefully I can live up to his expectations.’’

Being singled out by Gonzalez is part of the reason Schraeder believes he should be the team’s right tackle of the future.

``I definitely do feel that,’’ Schraeder said. ``I’m confident in my ability. I love the game. And I feel like it’s a role I can grow into. I’m just looking forward to getting right for next season and getting ready to go.’’

Here’s Schraeder’s self-evaluation of the 2013 season:

Ryan Schraeder

Position: right tackle

Age: 25

Contract status: Signed through 2015 ($585,677 cap number in 2014)

2013 games played/starts: 13/4

Snaps: 306

Overview: Schraeder, an undrafted rookie from Valdosta State (Ga.), took over the starting role at right tackle late in the season after showing promise as the jumbo tight end. His performance against a rather strong San Francisco 49ers defensive front drew rave reviews from the coaches. It made you wonder why he didn’t get a chance to start ahead of Jeremy Trueblood earlier in the season. Schraeder definitely has a mean streak in him and is full of confidence. The 6-foot-7, 300-pound Schraeder is yet another project for new offensive line coach Mike Tice.

Schraeder’s self-evaluation: ``I just have to get bigger, stronger; improve my technique. I have to work my tail off and good things will happen. There were a lot of positives, a couple of negatives. And [the negatives] suck because it hurts when it affects the game. You just want to do better. I feel like I’ve taken some big steps, gone against some good players. And I feel confident in my ability. Just have to keep working and getting better.’’

Monday: Joe Hawley

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Well, I wish him well and success in that quest. Problem is we need that to happen by September this year WITHOUT QUESTION!!!

Can Schraeder actually progress to the point where he replaces Baker at LT??

This OL personnel group has about 8 more questions than it has known answers at this point.... which is simply inexcusable for an NFL franchise IMHO. TD and Smitty either fix it this season or they can walk, because it is fixable and a lot of us here saw it coming as far back as two and three years ago... in THAT amount of time, not a single OL personnel issue has been fixed. NOT ONE.

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I've said since we first signed him that, worst case scenario for Schraeder is that he becomes a decent reserve, while best case scenario is that he becomes a starter at RT, who can start at LT in a pinch. The best thing about him is that he is still learning. 2013 was only his 5th year of playing football. He will only continue to get better from here.

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The sad part of these self.evaluations is that there is a theme coming through this. "I need to get bigger and stronger". It comes from every one we have read for the last week. We need help now, and waiting on kids to grow into the part is not helping us. This plan works if you have a reasonably good line that can absorb the turn over.when they are ready. Our line is a shambles waiting for EVERYONE to get ready.

I guess I'm jaded. SMH.

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Not to be negative against TG but he's not the best Blocker by any means, not sure he should be the one to teach our O-Line.

Though if he's the best we had maybe that explains a lot...

As for Schraeder i didn't see anything spectacular out of him when he was starting for us this past year, but it's hard to really tell when everybody around him was so horrible. Wouldn't be averse to bringing him back and having him re-compete for the job.

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