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Offensive Line Self-Evaluation: Harland Gunn


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Offensive line self-evaluation: Harland Gunn

JAN 11


By Vaughn McClure | ESPN.com

No one expected much from Harland Gunn during the 2013 season, so it was a bonus when the Atlanta Falcons offensive guard showed an ability to run block late in the season.


In fact, he probably showed more promise than any other right guard at season’s end, with Garrett Reynolds losing his starting job to demoted centerPeter Konz, then Konz losing reps to Gunn.

Not to say Gunn is the answer at the position. He still has a lot of growing to do. He might, however, be a player new offensive line coch Mike Tice can develop and get the best out of.

Here’s Gunn's self-evaluation of his limited playing time in ’13:

Harland Gunn

Position: guard

Age: 24

Contract statuss: Signed through 2014 ($570,000 cap number in 2014)

2013 games played/starts: 3/0

Snaps: 93

Overview: Gunn was inactive for the first 13 games before the coaching staff decided it was time to give him a long look. The former undrafted player from Miami (Fla.) actually made an immediate impact as a blocker, though Gunn wasn’t quite ready for prime time after watching from the sideline so long. Since Gunn is inexpensive, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Falcons kept him around for depth. But he’s probably not ready to be a starter despite some positive signs.

Gunn’s self-evaluation: "I felt like it was an awesome experience; it was a great learning experience, especially how it all played out. Of course I didn’t play in the earlier parts of the season, but I played in the last parts of it. I got to get some last-minute experience. It was a great deal for me to take everything that I learned from playing in the last few games and carry that into the offseason with my training and getting my skills better and really coming out next year and being a true contributing player to the team. Game experience is everything in this league. You get to learn guys, learn how the game is played, learn the tempo of it.

"One thing I’m really focusing on this offseason is this is a passing league, so, as always, I’m going to get bigger, faster, and stronger. But I really want to focus on my skills and honing in on how focused I am with my skill work and executing.’’

Sunday: Ryan Schraeder

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Gunn's performance, after being inactive for so long, while Reynolds stunk it up, is just further proof that our evaluation of even our own players is subpar at best.

This imo is our main problem we have. Been a year late on most of our roster changes as well forecasting guys like Holmes and konz to take over a year early.

We are in such a good position going into this off-season but I honestly don't know if td and smith are capable of maximizing it.

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