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Interview Chuck Smith Petiton

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Another thing to think about...

Chuck Smith is still in great shape. He can actually get out on the practice field and SHOW the D-lineman what they need to do. He can actually work with the guys. You think Sugar Bears old azz was out there legitimately working with them?

Man, that sounds freaking awesome.

There in could be the problem. He can get out there and lead by example and that in and of it self just may show up the rest of the staff and many of the players. We'll see just how mentally soft this team is as well.

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This is why I am starting to get fed up with this pompous coaching staff. All Mike Smith does is hire his buddies, while Blank sits back and watches. Chuck Smith knows more about our current defensive line than any potential hire out there. He is good enough to coach up All Pros like Geno Atkins, Miller, Charles Johnson, etc., but he can't be the full time assistant to fix what ails this ineffective pass rush of ours. Give me a break! These know it alls at Flowery Branch won't really get it until they are fired. Sick of their crap

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Why do people want Chuck Smith?? He hasn't prove nothing in the NFL as a coach i rather have someone who has had experience and don't give me that camp he does it's not the same so I'll pass

I value the opinions of NFL players that have made millions because of Chuck over yours. Thanks for participating.
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I'd like to see him interviewed at least. If not hired as DL coach, at least get him into something similar as what he was with the Jets.

He may not have a lot of experience in the NFL per se, BUT he sure has run some mighty good names through his school with some success. I would consider that to be enough of 'proven teacher' to at least merit an interview in SOME capacity

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