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Full Offseason Mock 1.0 (Trade Down)


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Mock 1.0 (trade down)

I aspect TD to us free agency to supplement the offensive line. I think that's the position where we will make our biggest splash. He will more than likely expand to other positions like the defensive line but I think as far as free agency our main focus will be looking for a RG, RT, or LT, we are already young along the offensive line and if you listen to both TD and Smitty one of the main element of the O-line failing was youth and them not playing together as a cohesive unit. The entire line was terrible, not really one specific position. I for one, if I had to name a definite need it would be RG. We are already very young there, the only real veteran on the entire team at O-line is Blalock (cant count Baker, he is always hurt), the rest has less than 4 years on the team.

I see TD picking up two offensive lineman through free agency.

Option 1: Jordan Gross LT- I just can't see the panthers retaining both him and Greg Hardy. I'm not a cost guy but a top tier LT 10 years in the league might turn to be a bargain when considering the value. He has been consistent since 2003 plus he will add that much needed nastiness to the offensive line.

Option 2: Winston Justice RT- As with Gross, I can't see them retaining Justice either. They have too many veterans. I think both Denver and Carolina will look to replenish there O-lines at the top of the draft. 8 year veteran, started with the Eagles protecting Peyton Manning now, plus he's a Mike Tice kind of RT.

Option 3: Michael Oher RT- This might happen also because of the amount of veterans on Baltimore, but the main reason would most likely be the emergence of Ricky Wagner. He showed great promise in place of Eugene Monroe during the season. Honestly, I lean on the side of they try to keep him, still could be an option.

Option 4: Breno Giacomini RT- Another Mike Tice type of guy. Nasty guy, I see him demanding too much money for the Seahawks to consider retaining him. Out of all the RTs to consider I think he fits best with what Smitty is trying to do next year.

Option 5: Jon Asamoah RG- Yet Another "Mike Tice type guy". Great power RG, the chiefs will be all in on keeping there LT.

Option 6: Danny Watkins RG- Probably the best bargain out of the entire list. Former first round pick who showed some promise when healthy and motivated. Tice could be the guy too get him over the hump.

Option 7: Vladimir Ducasse RG- He is great at pulling and running power. Ideal guy for a balanced attack with the right guys around him. He might need some assistance against quicker 3 techniques. He will be relatively affordable for us.

Option 8: Chris Williams RG- Okay, as far as protecting the passer Chris Williams is great, if you want him to pull he can do that too, but running power not so good.


Retain: Corey Peters, Robert McClain, Joe Hawley, Mike Johnson, Kevin Cone, Drew Davis, and Chase Coffman (on the bubble: Peria Jerry and Jeremy Trueblood)

Draft (with 2 offensive lineman free agents):

Round 1:(trade down with either Tennessee, Arizona, or Cincinnati:value gives us at the most a 1st, 2nd,and a 1st next year, but least amount is 1st and 2nd): Aaron Donald DT (Pittsburgh, trade with Tennessee) Best 3-technique in the draft. This guy sets up shop in the opponents backfield. Can also line up at DE. He is the most explosive DT in the draft, lead the nation with 2.3 tackles for loss per game and finalist for the Bronko Nargurski award (top defensive player) and winner of Outland Trophy and Rotary Lombardi award, both representing top defensive lineman in the nation. Check out the game tape.

Round 2: Scott Crichton DE (Oregon ST): Scott Crichton is kind of under the radar. I for one don't think he receives the proper amount of attention. Just my perspective, he maintains outstanding pad level, for a DE he is very powerful and hard to move. I love his bull rush and ability to convert speed to power. Great push pull move. He is THE ideal RE in a base 4-3. I estimate either him or Dominique Ealey will still be available around our second pick.

Round 2: (from trade with Tennessee) Jackson Jeffcoat DE (Texas): Jackson had a torn pectoral in his junior year which translated into a bad season last year. To me he is the most underrated player in the draft this year. He erupted with 12 sacks this year, he has the tools needed, fast off the edge, stout enough to hold the edge against the run, capable of standing or coming out of a 3 point stance, and last but definitely not least and most importantly to me is strong and athletic enough to convert speed to power when needed.

Round 3: Aaron Lynch DE/OLB (UCF): From the most underrated player to the most under the radar player. He doesn't receive a lot of attention, I KIND OF noticed him when he was at Notre Dame last year before he transferred. He has all the tools, J.J. Watt type measurables, and flashes them from time to time. Versatile enough to effectively play OLB and even reduce inside to tackle. Out of all the DE except for Clowney, he has the highest ceiling. Posted a couple scouting reports also....




Round 4: Shamar Steven DT (Connecticut): Great power DT, massive guy who can draw doubles but yet still fit in a base 4-3 system. He is still a little raw, but he has all the tools needed. Great initial get off for his size would be a great compliment to our tackle rotation.

Round 5: Jalen Saunders WR/KR (Oklahoma): We need a legitimate threat at KR and Jalen can provide that. He can also add diversity to the wide receiver unit.

Round 6: Antone Exum CB/S (Virginia Tech): Great upside and value here IF he is still here. He could fall this far. I love his ball skills and he's a head hunter, well great hitter, head hunting is illegal now. I'm one who think Decoud is okay, he's just inconsistent. He made the probowl last year and was garbage this year. You fix inconsistency with competition. With both Exum and Motta pressing he will play better. Exum best attribute for us is his ability to play the role of a big nickel. Could also contribute on special teams coverage.

Round 7: Ryan Groy OG (Wisconsin): Another great value pick if here, personal opinion very underrated. Adds depth to entire O-line, great power guard.

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Good point and actually we would end up with 5 DTs, 6 if we resign Jerry. We carry 5 actively. Just me reading between the lines, I don't think they feel like they evaluated the talent they added to the team correctly. Just reading between the lines of Smitty and TD and the actions taken by the coaching staff and players. What I'm saying is look at our roster at DE. Biermann will return, he's a great addition but he's not a great threat as a rusher, Osi has about another year in him. Massaquio is showing some promise, but on an average top team I really do think he would be somewhat of a role player maybe even a backup really. They said they didn't evaluate the talent correctly.

What I think that means is look at what they are trying to do with Cliff Mathews. Start of the season they told him to gain about 15 pounds of muscle so they could play him at DT, they tried him at DT for the preseason and never went back to that. He is 2nd on the depth chart behind Massaquio and Osi but both Goodman and Maponga get more playing time. Basically Mathews doesn't even fit in the system, the staff is struggling trying to find a role for him.

Now lets look at the recently drafted rookies, Maponga and Goodman. Both get what one can consider significant playing time. Now true, rookies should have time too develop, but sometimes people can stretch the meaning of that. Rookies will flash, make incorrect reads, get sloppy with there technique, etc... its only so much a coaching staff can do. Basically, I'm excited about Trufant and Alfords development because they flashed, a couple pass breakups here, big hustle play there, interception here... Basically, a DE with his arrow pointed up will pop up with a tackle for a loss, a couple QB pressures, they don't necessarily have to have a sack but only thing "development" does is add a high level of consistent play at a high level. First, you have to see a little high level. Same thing with JA98, "he needed to develop too", and he developed right out of the league. As much PT these two received, no QB pressures, no tackles for a loss, nothing... I repeat they said they didn't evaluate the talent correctly, common sense would say they meant the offensive line and defensive line.

Same can be said for the O-line picks recently, Konz is targeted consistently. I for one got tired of seeing him get ragged dolled up front, again developmental players with there arrow pointing up will flash, show you SOMETHING every now and then. Unlike Konz, Holmes did flash every once and a while. He could possibly develop into something over time IMO.

Our problem along the D-line isn't necessarily the DTs. It takes the entire defensive front to stop a run play successfully just like it takes an entire offensive front to run the ball successfully. You have to fit the run in order to contain it. The DTs generated push, heck they lead the team in sacks and tackles for loss while the only DEs who managed to even register tackles for loss were Biermann, Massaquio, and Osi. Again, they are the ones who said they didn't evaluate the talent correctly.

So,essentially (reading between the lines), we have Mathews a misfit, Goodman, and Maponga who could have possibly been incorrectly assessed talent wise. Konz fits in that category as well possibly. Holmes COULD develop into something, at least his arrow is pointing up.

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