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M3T3 Mock Draft


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1st rd: easily is Clowney SCAR but if not there (which I like the idea of trading down any way) trade down in the 1st and get lewan MICH, Matthews may be better but robinson really shot out of nowhere plus lewan has a little nasty streak about him that intrigues me & goes with the 2014 offseason motto "GET TOUGHER". From trading down we get another pick in the 2nd & maybe the 3rd or 4th (Im doing this as if were getting a 3rd)

2nd rd: Kony Ealy MIZZOU 1st & foremost mizzou has been good to our team (jury is still out on spoon) at 6'5 275 he's a natural pass rusher who can bring the boom like Willie Mo. From what I've been reading he may not be there in the 2nd but if he is IMMEDIATE UPGRADE

2nd rd pick 2: Tre Boston UNC safety & has experience at cornerback he's a ball hawk (4ints & 8 deflections) 85 tackles this year & 70 his jr year so he's a better tackler than de'cant

3rd rd pick 1 Anthony freak Johnson LSU could be babineaux replacement (I'm in favor of a youth movement, likelihood 0% but still) at 6'2 295 runs a 4.7 forty so that says a little something about his explosiveness #s mite not be there but his intangibles are out of this world

3rd rd pick 2 Daniel McCullers TENN all I have to say is 6'8 360

4th rd: Spencer long NEB 4th round a steal for someone who should've been a early 2nd day pick. He's a great run blocker & leader on Nebraska that averaged 200 yards a game in 2012 the only reason he drops so far is because of a tore ACL this season. It would be nice if he could come in day 1 & start but worst case scenario is he's a situational rg to open the year(anything is better than Konz & Reynolds, but mike Johnson's coming back next year, & maybe shows us something, that's why I drafted OG this late)

5th rd: Colt Lyerla OREG which most likely won't happen but he's a kid he made a mistake & I think it's time we take a chance. Team chemistry is strong enough to take a chance & in the 5th round this is really low risk high reward. He clearly has day one talent & would be another weapon for #2. I drafted him this early because someone is gonna pull the trigger on this kid

6th rd: Jeremy Gallon MICH small guy but is a playmaker worst case scenario KR PR upgrade

7th rd: Steele divitto BC simply because he has a great name he's also a tough kid

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Have you actually watched tape of Tre Boston? Because I originally thought he would be a good pick as well, but after watching a couple of his games, he isn't really that great of a tackler and lacks great instincts too. I expected better coverage from an ex-cornerback. Honestly, Joyner is the only safety that really made an impression on me

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