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Quick Mock 2.0


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Sign: Alex Mack [C], Michael Bennett [DE], Linval Joseph [DT], Cheap vet CB and LB and possibly TE.

Cuts/Let Walk: Asante Samuel [CB], Stephen Nicholas [OLB], Garret Reynolds [OG/OT], Jason Snelling [RB] and either Babs or Peters at DT.


1. Jake Matthews [LT]

2. Gabe Jackson [G]

3. Timmy Jernigan [DT]

4. Tre Mason [RB]

5. JP Copeland [FB]

6. Colt Lylera [TE]

7. BPA

Main Improvements:

O-Line and D-Line becomes a strong point of this team.

LT - Matthews

LG - Blalock

C - Mack

RG - Jackson

RT - Baker

Holmes as the swing tackle in case of an emergency. Also have Hawley and Mike Johnson coming back from an injury this past season.

DE - Bennett

DT - Joseph

DT - Jerrigan

DE - Osi

Then we have Peters/Babs depending on who we resign to come in for a rotation as well as Robertson. At DE we have plenty of young talent to battle it out in camp and choose for our rotation with Mass, Mopango, Matthews, Goodman and then Kroy coming back from injury as well.

On top of that we add an immediate starter at FB and potential future starters at RB and TE.

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**** no to #1 pick & #6 pick. No way on this EARTH the Falcons draft that cokehead Lyerla. I believe that has been documented with the FO not even wanting to take the Honey Badger for his weed probs. Last 2 places you want to bring someone with well documented drug problems are Atlanta and Jacksonville.

And Crimson, Jernigan may not last to the 3rd but his projection has dropped to 40th after he got gassed in the BCS game. Someone can grab him in the 1st but he'd be a nice steal in the 2nd. Guy was shutting Auburns run DOWN.

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would love to address the OL in free agency and try to land Tuitt and Jernigan with our first two picks. I think CLowney is going by #2 or 3 at the latest, and like Tuitt better than Barr.

LT - Baker, Holmes

LG - Blaylock, Konz

OC - Hawley, Konz

RG - Asamoah, Gunn/ draft pick

RT - Saffold, Schraeder

DE - Umenyiora, Massaquoi, Maponga

DT - Peters, Jernigan

DT - Babineaux, someone large

DE - Tuitt, Goodman

Beirman moves to take over SLB

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