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This Is Still A Biz... Throwing Some Ideas Around

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As Blank said u build thru the draft and sprinkle in some FA's. I would release Osi and swap him out for Jared Allen who is a year younger. U need a mix of vets and rookies. How about this.

FA: DE Jared Allen

RG Jon Asamoah

1. OLB/DE Khalil Mack

2. DT Aaron Donald

3. FS Terrence Brooks

4. RT Morgan Moses

5. RB/KR Dri Archer

6. CB Jamea Thomas

7. BPA

We probably have to roll with Baker/Holmes on the left side a few more years. And we also need to re-sign Mike Johnson and let the best man win the RT spot between him and Moses.





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First of all we can't fix everything in one draft. At 6 its either Mack or Robinson. Both are needs and both are next best at their positions. So which ever way u go then u gotta flip flop. If u draft Robinson he will start out at RT. U can get that later or in Johnson who was gonna be the starter anyway b4 he got hurt. Plus u really don't know how good Robinson is in pass pro with speed rushers.

But Mack is more safe and has a complete game. So I would go with Mack and in FA go the opposite side. But Mack and Allen would be 2 good ends.

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