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Arthur Blank Hoping To Bring Mls Team To Atlanta

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That's the difference between a fan, and a CEO. This man is a billionaire. You think that he should only focus on one thing? He also has The Home Depot. If I can make millions with a MLS team, you doggone right I will have it in my plans.

I'm glad you've taken it upon yourself to critique a schedule you are unaware of.

All I can do is speak from the point of view as an Atlanta Falcons fan, and right now, at this point, I don't think any Atlanta Falcons fan wants to hear about their owner focusing on building a new soccer team.

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So Arthur Blank said in his press conference that they are hoping to bring a MLS team to Atlanta whether in the Falcon's new stadium or somewhere else. Are you guys excited about this? Personally, I love soccer. I just can't pull myself to vote for any team other than maybe the Galaxy because i'm a big Landon Donovan fan. If Blank creates a MLS team in Atlanta, I will be an instant fan.

I'm all for it. Soccer in ATL makes much more sense than Hockey.

lol, we are talking about grownups going to a start up MLS team, take the braves for example they are loved here and through parts of the country yet a lot of the times the stadium is empty with cheap tickets being available most of the time , yeah in southern Florida

Soccer will never work in Atlanta and in the larger scope in the south.

Those twenty dollar PSLs Blank is sure to charge would be way too much for me....I hate soccer. :P

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Is Jerry Jones' meddling in the Cowboys personnel affairs a problem? How about Dan Snider in Washington? AB meddles just as much in our player acquisitions, handcuffing our GMs (did it with McKay and now TD) in who he will allow them to draft and sign to the bigger FA deals. Only difference is that AB is much quieter about it in public than those other 2 owners. Let TD & our scouting department do their job in conjunction with our coaching staff & you'll see a much deeper and more cohesive team on the field.

I did a lengthy writeup about this very theory. Basically AB needed McKay to concentrate on the stadium and at the same time AB needed a new front office face to placate the fans (Vick and Petrino courtesy of McKay) and allow AB to still call the shots. Enter TD, who was actually interviewed over a video link. By contrast when it came time to interview Matt Ryan, TD Smitty and AB all went to see Ryan.

AB pulling the strings behind the scenes would certainly explain why we hired a guy from NE who has ended up not doing things the NE way..

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Soccer is not successful in the US because there are no commercial breaks. Sponsors hate that and channels don't like covering events that sponsors hate.

Actually being at a game is another story. There is nothing like it. Coming from someone that yells his lungs out during Falcons games, imagine everyone being like that for all quarters, all downs.

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Soccer is a game desperately in need of some radical changes to its rules. The off-sides rule is especially ******** and needs to be ditched.

I disagree. It'd make it way too easy to score. Now, there is strategy and angles involved in getting a guy open behind the defense.

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