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My 2014 New Falcons Roster

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im gonna keep it short and sweet but put some points in for players that i like for us to get

CUTS, Walks, Retire









Free agents

Wish Graham, but the AInts wont let this guy go, So ill go with Dennis Pitta: Guys we have to face it that without Gonzo we probably lose 6-8 games over the past 3 years. we souldve drafted a Replacement when we were drafting in the 20s, we cant waste a top round pick on a TE. Him being hurt could get him cheaper than we think

S Jarius Byrd: Hopefully we really do get rid of the bum Decoud. i think majority of us saw through last year performance. but think of this guys, We could possibly have 3 second year player as our starting Db field. do you know who we play next year. Megatron, AJ green, Josh gordon, Cruz, V. Jackson x2, Marshall/Jefferies, Antionio Bryant.......!!!!!!!!! OMG WE NEED HIM AS A FIELD GENERAL SERIOUSLY

C Brian De La Puente: how good would it be to stick it to the Aints and take their center... mack will be a pretty penny. we dont need a superstar at center just a good one. plus hes had practice protecting a 100million dollar man


1a. J. Clowney. we have begged for a Pass rusher for 6 years now. if hes on the board WE HAVE TO TAKE HIM. if not ( see 1b )

1b. A. Barr. Not only can he rush the passer , he can cover TE's, why did we lose to cards and 9ers, and almost lost to hawks,WE COULDNT GUARD TE'S late in the games

2nd Dt Ra'shede Hageman. DE aint shlt with out pass rush up the middle.. who cares about his off the field issues, we need some baddazz mofos on the line this year

3rd Gabe Jackson G MSU 6'4" 340 lbs. shall i mention 3rd/4th and 1 nuff said

4th DT Daniel McCullers Tenn 6'7 365!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant remember who said it but a rival team said they they know they can push the falcons oline and dline around

5th OT Morgan Moses UVA 6'6" 325 UVA always puts out great Oline men aka O-lineU i live in va and watch them play every week this guy is a steal in the 5th

6th Jalen Saunders WR OU Returner that could give us some nice returns. plus you always gotta keep WR's on the roster

7th Austin Wentworth OT Fresno . oline has to be addressed and i would care if we took Oline everyround .

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Guest King Jigsaw

Barr does not fit our defense.

Hageman will go top 20.

Gabe Jackson will go in the 2nd.

Morgan Moses will go in the 3rd.

Not happening. Try again.

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I would like Byrd a lot, but i think Hawley is a decent Center - the biggest problem is the tackles. I've said it all year, give us Matthews - he can play both sides and will eventually be one of the better LT's in the league. the young DE's showed potential it's not and imediate problem that we need to address.

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