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Bab's may only have a year or two left and needs help in his old age. Peter's may not be back to form immediately so let's pickup the two youngest most promising DTs to help solidify things for the future.These two are run stoppers and would wreak havok on the inside with Babs and we'd be set instead of strapped when Bab's retires.

DT: Linval Joseph

DT: Arthur Jones

1) OT: Greg Robinson (Auburn) - Greg will start at RT and move over to LT as soon as Baker drops and ovary on the field and returns to the bench. Greg is not a team captain, Greg is a Junior, He's never got an Eagle Scout badge and doesn't believe in walking old ladies across the street so, TD taking him in the 1st may be a stretch but, He did stay at a Holiday Inn express last night.

2) DE: Trent Murphy - (Stanford)Trent will make the young guys work their butts off as he'll threaten to take starting snaps from them his first year. Currently projected at 32 on CBSSports so, he'd only need to drop a few spots for us. The boy is tenacious. When putting together a group of competitive guys the competition always seems a little more fierce when you have 1 white guy amongst a group of black guys or 1 Black guy amongst a group of white guys’ know, I know Kroys white but, he's a ginger and that's a different kind of Crazy white, plus he's also established and a leader with the team so that exempts him from filling this role, we need a new white guy with a ton of talent to stir the pot.

3) TE: C.J. Fiedorowicz (Iowa) - The guys from Iowa are always tough and that's just what you want in your TE. Considering Coffman hasn't played a full season without injury since Arnold left his white friend with the pervert at the Bike store, I don't trust him to stay healthy this year and I don't like putting all our eggs in the Frankin-lolo basket when Coffman goes out for a Coffee, scone and hip replacement. They must not be anticipating any early TE action in this years Draft as IMO C.J. should a 2nd round prospect.

4) OG: Chris Watt - (Notre Dame) Chris is 6'3 321 and played a very high level of competition. To our benefit his stock dropped due to a PCL injury (knee) otherwise he'd be in the mix of 2nd round OGs IMO. the injury does not require surgery. Chris is better in Pass Pro than Cyril Richardson and as strong as Yankey in Run blocking. Running lanes should open immediately on the right. Hey Reynolds, It's a Wrap..

5) CB: Pierre Desir - (Lindenwood) Our scouts did a very good job with Trufant and Alford but, keeping the stable full can not be neglected as we're likley to lose Asante this year to retirement. There's not allot of vids avaialble on Desir but I found one game and he's a Tru/Alford type quick twitch player. He's blisteringly fast to the ball and knows how to knock it away without getting penalized. Further he uses great technigue in tackling and make sure his guy doesn't get any yack. It's a gamble coming from such a small school but, the kid looks to have the goods. I wouldn't be suprised to see him run a 4.2 40 and jump up the charts.

6) OL: Seantrel Henderson (The U) - Depending on what site your reading he's either 6'7 or 6'8 and 335 - 345lbs. In any regard he's a massive man and our insurance policy. If Chris Watt's PCL pops or if Baker's whatever breaks Seantrel can play both RT and G. He'd be great for goaline jumbo packages. If he's not needed in 2014 we have time to get him trained up to either be the heir to Blalock or to the RT position if and When Greg Robinson is moved to LT. This guy is this large and has no gut, think about that for a moment... He's already slid several rounds so far and he's been in trouble for breaking team rules 2-3 times so, he might still be here and we shouldn't pass.


7) FB: Trey Millard - (OK)Great hands, WR speed and Great blocker. Let's face it we need someone to fill the role if Ewing can't and Trey fits the bill. With Tony leaving we need to give Matt other reliable outlets to get the ball to who are also home run threats.Unlike a sledge hammer FB we won't be tipping our hand to the playcall when an FB comes in. Having two FB multi-threats will further stretch the defense out as they have to stay close to home and keep watch on the big boys. If not for his injury I beleive Trey would be the #1 FB pick.

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