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Will We Be Back, Or Flat? Mega-Early Mock.


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1) Jake Matthews OT TAM: If he's there, we would be out of our minds not to grab him.

2) Jon Halapio OG FLA: Immediate upgrade and starter at RG

3) Bose Lokombo OLB Oregon: Rush threat and great pass defender...nuff said

4) Trey Millard FB Okla: Think Snelling who is also a natural blocker.

5) L'Damian Washington: Yeah, not a HD fan...upgrade!! BIG AND FAST...but raw.

6) Justin Perillo TE Maine: This kid WILL play in the NFL...like him in the mix.

7) Willie Gibson WR Cumberlands: Small school stud. Why? It just feels like a Falcons FO pick.


Garrett Graham?

Brandon Pettigrew?

Robert Ayers?

.....too early to tell...but I will tell you this: IF JIMMY GRAHAM IS A FALCON COME NEXT SEASON...I WILL SAW OFF ONE OF MY NIPPLES WITH A SPORK FROM KFC. NOT..GOING...TO...HAPPEN. Kroy will be back next year. We have gone to the PO's with mediocre-at-best D's before. Our O-line is puke-worthy....you get the picture....


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