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Public Relations Should Play A Bigger Role In The Draft And Fa


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Im not a UGA homer but I am a regional homer. I think we need to focus in on that this offseason. Acquire players with ties to the region and I promise they will play with pride. He have passed up so many guys that are productive and these players basically fell in our laps. B.Boykin,Hardy,Atkins,etc. Im not saying have a SEC only draft but do some homework on these guys before you draft them. Instead of that 5rd safety from Montana couldn't it be a DT from Florida State?

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Those guys have thrived in the systems they are in, as have others we've passed on. For all we know, those same guys would absolutely suck in any scheme that we've had over the years.

It's so hard to predict with all the failures we've had lol. A lot of times, the college talent doesn't transfer to the nfl when it comes to sec players. You get a hand full per draft, that's about it

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he's saying we should draft SEC players because fans in this region know who they are and are more likely to be fans of them coming out of college... :/

No, he said the would play with pride becasue they were from the area which is so absurd it's not even worth discussing. And none of it has to do with public relations.

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I have no idea what this guy is talking about.

I'll tell you this though I am from Big Ten country and I would take and SEC player over a Big Ten player any day of the week.

SEC is the best football conference in the country

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Like these top contributors:

Charles Mitchell

Travian Robertson

Akeem Dent

Cliff Matthews

Corey Peters

Mike Johnson

Peria Jerry

Jamaal Anderson

All drafted from the SEC and some of the hardest playing guys we've ever had

That's a worthless list other than peters. He is a good player

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