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How Much Would It Cost Us To Trade Up?


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It really depends if we are desperate or if the other franchise wants to trade down.

Round 1

1 = 3,000

2 = 2,600

3 = 2,200

4 = 1,800

5 = 1,700

6 = 1,600

If we give them our 6th pick for their # 2 or # 3, we could possible end up giving our 2nd round pick and a lower draft pick. If we get nervous we may end up giving up 2015 1st round pick. There argument would warranted too because they have high regards on our franchise and expect a 1st round # 20 or below (In 2015) because we are only 1 or 2 pieces from being competitive. From what I have seen, it has most likely been a disadvantage for the one moving up.

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To get to #2 or #3 overall, you are giving up 2nd round and 4th rounders this year and 2nd round in 2015.

To get to #4 or #5 overall, you only have to give up a 3rd rounder per trade chart - but maybe more if Clowney/Matthews fall and there are multiple bidders.

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maybe TD could convince Snead. to take Harry Douglas and the 6th pick....possibly a pipedream, but if I recall they wanted him in last year's free agency.

that is beyond a pipedream. get real. Just the pick alone is worth two 2nd rounders and a 4th rounder - without even factoring in that Clowney would be available and he is once-in-a-generation pass-rusher.

So, you think Harry Douglas is worth two 2nd round picks and a 4th? get real.

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