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First Round - Pick 6 - Falcons Select J.matthews Texas A&m

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Jake Matthews is rated number one overall on most people's big boards. It's highly unlikely he will fall to 6. If you want to look at OT's then you should be look at Cameron Erving and Greg Robinson.

With that being said I would be disappointed if we go OT. He would be playing RT at least one year depending on how Baker comes back, lives up to his contract/stays healthy.

You do not draft a RT in the 1st unless you are at the bottom end of the 1st round. We need to maximize our value at 6 and RT would not be doing such. Best available front 7 player or trade down.

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I think both are obviously top 3 picks, but yeah if it was possible 1 would fall, you could make the argument it would be Clowney. That would be perfectly fine by me though :)

Me too. I think the draft will go like this

1. Texans-Bridgewater

2. Rams-Matthews

3. Jags-Carr

4. Browns-Manziel

5- Oak-Clowney

Our only hope to get Clowney is if Bortles destroys at the combine

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Because Bradfords contract is coming up, and he isnt worth investing big money into with a new deal.

Yeah... The Rams need a QB. Bradford is a NFL backup.

At this point, unless someone slips, we need to trade back. I'd be good with Clowney here if he falls, but no way no way no way should we trade up to get him. I'd also be good with Matthews- very good.

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Two things:

1) There's a good chance he will not be available at #6.

2) Thomas Dimitroff has made it clear he does not feel the o-line is a position that must be addressed high in the draft and that he does not intend to change his approach

Coming from the guy himself...



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