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Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Te-Washington


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I know what you are thinking......something along the lines of:


only if we meet our top 4 needs in free agency(3) and 1st round of draft - if we hit our top four needs that way,

I would be open to this guy in 2nd round - he looks phenomenal.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins-TE, Washington (6'6", 266lbs)


Production 1 2011: (13/10) 41catches, 538 yards (13.1 avg), 6 TD; 2012: (13/13) 69 catches, 852 yards (12.4 avg), 7 TD Height-Weight-Speed 2 Excellent frame with ideal measurables. Appears to have big hands and long arms. Estimated top-end speed is average. Durability 1 Durability is not an issue at this point. He has appeared in all 26 career games with 23 starts, and has suffered no significant injuries we are aware of. Intangibles 4 Charged with DUI after wrecking his car in early March of 2013, fracturing the windshield of the car with his head suffering only minor injuries. He has been suspended from the team indefinitely but is expected to return.


Tight End Specific Traits

Separation Skills 2 Excellent combination of size and fluidity. Doesn't have elite speed but is smooth getting into and out of stem. Needs polish with routes in terms of making crisper cuts and finishing. Excels at separating against zone coverage. Wades through traffic well and has a natural feel for open seams. Ball Skills 1 Ball skills are a notch below elite. Ideal catching radius. Soft hands and above-average body control adjusting to throws outside of frame. One-on-one nightmare in jump ball situations against smaller DBs. Will sometimes leave feet when he does not have to when judging the ball on the move. Big Play Ability 2 Above-average vertical capabilities to stretch the middle of the field. Ideal size, strength and leaping ability to win one-on-one down field or red zone matchups. Average-to-above-average elusiveness after the catch. Competitiveness 4 Effort is up and down. More finesse than expected. Does not play as aggressive or angry as Rob Gronkowski. Needs to be stronger in traffic at times and become a stronger finisher as an inline blocker. Competitiveness is much better when playing the ball down field in one-on-one situations. Blocking 1 Above-average size and inline power to engulf and move defenders off ball when playing with proper pad level and giving effort. Needs to improve initial angles and technique in terms of pad level and footwork. Strong pass protector who has the feet, strength and length to keep edge rushers at bay.


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And you think TD picks softies on purpose, because.....?

because he is looking for the wrong things......you don't get a bunch of softies on the O and D-Lines by accident - I'm not saying Dimitroff is trying to pick bad players - i'm just saying he is overvaluing intangibles and undervaluing pure raw physical size and ability.

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because he is looking for the wrong things......you don't get a bunch of softies on the O and D-Lines by accident - I'm not saying Dimitroff is trying to pick bad players - i'm just saying he is overvaluing intangibles and undervaluing pure raw physical size and ability.

Saying he has a "filter" implies that he is disregarding talent on purpose, for reasons apparently unknown.
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Saying he has a "filter" implies that he is disregarding talent on purpose, for reasons apparently unknown.

Dimitroff keeps talking all the time about "the lockerroom" and "team chemistry". Tell me this: How does Dimitroff go six offseasons without drafting a legitimate offensive or defensive lineman? how?

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lol, no I didn't. What evidence do you have of this filter? A bunch of bad draft picks? This is just MB heresay. Filter my ***.


Digging into Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff's Comrade Filter for Drafting Players



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27 icon_comment.png

The Atlanta Falcons have gone 56-24 in the five years that Thomas Dimitroff has been the general manager. That's because he has character guidelines for all of his draft picks.

Due to his nickname being Comrade (h/t The Falcoholic Dave Choate) and Rich McKay already putting in the "Falcon Filter" in 2004, I've dubbed his guidelines to be the "Comrade Filter."

Because the Comrade Filter has led to such success, there's a question as to what the exact guidelines of it might be or even how it works. It's a color coded system that was based around the scouting guidelines that Dimtiroff developed while he was an assistant with the Patriots.

According to War Room by Michael Holley, players who do not fit or are considered high-risk get designated with a black dot at the first sign of trouble on Dimitroff's board—the same as being completely scratched from anyone else's.

Good character players earn green dots based on what are considered characteristics any team wants. Captainship, production and "urgent athleticism" are highlighted, while off-the-field problems drop them into high-risk categories.

Dimitroff's guidelines are a bit extreme though. Another thing pointed out in Michael Holley's book was Arthur Blank's concerns that he may have gotten too out of whack with his guidelines, but Comrade chose to stick to his convictions.

The following guidelines seem to be what Dimitroff has wanted in players over the past five drafts. Because the Falcons have been wildly successful, expect them to stay the same in the coming drafts.


Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Urgent athleticism is what brought Julio Jones into the fold.

Players Need to Be Both Productive and "Urgently Athletic"

An interesting thing that all of the Falcons selections under Thomas Dimitroff have shared is that they were productive in college. Thirty-four of the 38 players showed All-Conference abilities in their college days.

Most of these players also had great size, speed and agility combinations shown through their play on the field even if their combine numbers didn't support it. The best example of this is Curtis Lofton, who was an exceptional athlete despite not being the biggest or strongest or fastest at the combine.

A great example in the 2013 draft of someone who fits these traits is Bjoern Werner. He had 20 sacks, 13 hurries, 29 tackles for loss and 13 forced fumbles over the past two seasons.

Werner also had a solid combine, where he measured in at 6'3-1/4", 266 pounds, ran a 4.83 in the 40 and had a 31" vertical jump. Atlanta would love to get a player of Bjoern Werner's caliber on and off the field.


Doug Benc/Getty Images

DeAngelo Hall was a key Falcons building block before the Comrade came in.

Team Leaders and "Team First" Players Are Pursued

It's amazing the amount of leadership that Thomas Dimitroff wants on his team. To go along with a team-first concept, he also wants guys who are going to be leaders in the locker room and not followers of the crowd.

The amount of players that he has taken that were either college team captains or locker room leaders is at 66 percent, or 25 of the 38 selections. This is important as the Falcons prefer to have guys who want to win and put the team ahead of themselves.

This shows a big reason as to why the Falcons have not just gotten rid of players such as DeAngelo Hall and Ray Edwards, but also why they have gone 56-24 over the past five seasons. When everyone believes in a team concept, the wins will stay consistent and the team will continually be in the playoffs.

There are a few players in free agency and the draft that will be scratched from Dimitroff's board and list due to the Comrade Filter. This would include players like DaMontre Moore—someone who is a "mess off the field" according to scouts.


Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Matt Ryan was brought in as the franchise QB due to his work ethic and leadership.

Hard Workers Are Also Priorities to Search For

Out of the 38 players that Thomas Dimitroff has selected, every one of them has been known as a hard worker on and off the field. It's another thing that works into the team concept because when someone is giving their all for the team, they'll show it in the weight room and film rooms.

A huge part to why Matt Ryan was selected No. 3 overall in the 2008 draft and became the Falcons' franchise quarterback was his work ethic. Known as a film junkie and a gym rat in college, all he had to do to prove he was the right choice was get interviewed.

After acing the interview, the Falcons knew they had their guy. If a player is known as lazy or doesn't care about the game on or off the field, the Falcons will take them off the board.

Sam Montgomery fits here as someone who will get filtered out due to his admission of taking games off versus lesser competition and this photo from the LSU strength trainer. However, after speaking with him on March 13th, 2013 on my radio show, I could see Atlanta not filtering him out as he seems like a humble, misunderstood player.

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Do you honestly believe in a filter or are you just butthurt we don't take that many UGA players and are looking for a reason?

you are just being stupid now. everyone on this board that knows me I don't mock UGA players to Falcons and I don't care if my college team's players go to my NFL team - I would take a Florida/Auburn/Georgia Tech player over a Georgia player - ALL DAY LONG if they were better NFL players - Falcons always come first.

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