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Ok... The Line Coaches Are Gone. Now What About The Players!

E. T.

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Unless we hit on a couple of solid linemen in the draft... we need to rid ourselves of the dead weight on both sides. Who stays, who goes, I dont know... but I hope these guys get replaced:

OLINE- Holmes, Konz, Reynolds.

DLINE- Jerry, Peters.

We can do better than these guys... Only one I may keep would be Peters. I also know Babs is a FA, and I'm on the fence for resigning him...it would have to be for cheap and I hope he doesnt go to a division rival like the saints. Im going to predict a very interesting and productive offseason for the FO yet. I'm hoping for once we get a little aggressive early when FA kicks in, instead of sitting on our hands TD!

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The 5 you highlighted, I think will be replaced in one way or another next season, maybe with the exception of Konz. This team loves Konz for some reason and he is absolutely god awful in my eyes.

Peters just blew an achiles so it might be cya later for him.

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