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Is What We Need To Do In The Offseason Not Blatantly Obvious To Everyone?


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we need to stack our offensive line and get Ryan some protection and some run blockers

we dont need to stack our d-line as much as out o-line but it definatly needs a little help, last year i thought we needed a couple new linebackers but Bartu and Worrilow proved to be quality replacements. We dont really need anybody in the secondary if we get the front 4 fixed.

We do need a kick returner and punt returner although Mclain has shown some promise at PR and im not sure why Snelling is returning kick offs over Smith or why Smith doesnt see the field, dude is a home run hitter every chance he is given.

We are good at skill positions on both sides of the ball IMHO and dont forget we will get Julio Jones and a healthy Roddy White back and now their back ups have some experience.

It's pretty simple, fix the lines on both sides of the ball and we are easily contenders again, i watched every game and i know where we lack talent.

The question is who do we want to bring in via FA and the draft to fix our lines?

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