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Mocka, Mocka, Mock.....mocking The Offseason - Fa/draft


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well, its time to take out the long-knives and operate on the dying patient.

I have not listened to the Dimitroff/Smitty presser but it sounds like there is a lot of public denial going on about the state of the team.

Its time to fix the problems. I've been looking at the combination of Offensive Tackle/Offensive Guard/Defensive Tackle/Defensive End as our current needs and trying to find the best combination of which ones to tackle in free agency and which ones to tackle in the draft.

I have come to the conclusion that getting the D-End in free agency is the best way to go.

Here goes:

Free Agency:

Cut/Let Walk:

Asante Samuel, CB

Jonathan Babineaux, DT

Peria Jerry, DT

Corey Peters, DT

Chase Coffman, TE

Garrett Reynolds, OG

Stephen Nicholas, OLB

Mike Johnson, RT

Thomas DeCoud, FS


Joe Hawley, OC - 2yrs, $4mm (he is not going to be worth much on open market and Falcons will like him better than anyone else. Maybe if we get a good RG, he will look better). He will enter camp as starter but Konz can compete.

Dominque Franks, CB - 2yrs, $3mm - he steps up to our dime corner(#4) and will see playing time. He is well-versed in Nolan schemes so it is beneficial to retain him for a little more than the vet min.

Robert McClain, CB - 3yrs, $6mm - stays our nickel(#3) corner - basically considered a starter.

Unrestricted Free Agency:

Greg Hardy, DE-Panthers(6'4, 285lbs - 25yrs old) - 6yrs, $72mm - $12mm/yr - obviously this is a very rich contract and should not be taken lightly. Hardy will be the bell-cow leader and producer on this front 7 and will be the straw that stirs the drink. This guy has that "dog in him" that our defense is missing - and he is relentless. While that is a lot of money - I believe he puts this defense on the map. He also is so thick/large/strong that he can move inside on passing downs to get another pass rusher on the field. He is a total mismatch and has two years of double-digit sack totals while getting better - it also weakens the Panthers which is a bonus and keeps Matt safe. Obviously the Panthers could franchise him but will be difficult given an upcoming Cam contract. This signing means I'm not looking for Clowney in the draft.


Linval Joseph, DT-Giants (6'4", 323lbs - age 25) - 5yrs, $27mm - This is the physical immovable force that the Falcons need in the middle. He is not a sack artist but can push the pocket on pass rush downs and is very good against the run.


Jon Asamoah(6'4", 305lbs - 25yrs old) - 4yrs, $16mm - this guy has performed at a high level the last two years springing holes for Jamal Charles and keeping the QB clean. He is not a superstar but he is a very competant player that will stabilize the pocket for Matt while helping create running lanes for SJAX.


OK, those are the "BIG THREE" acquisitions for Falcons - this may necessitate letting Spoon walk next year but - given his injury and inconsistent play - I am OK with it. Now, onto the draft......

Atlanta Falcons Draft - 2014:

1st: (#1-003)

Jake Matthews, LT-Texas A&M (6'5", 305lbs) - I realize there is a very good chance that Matthews is already off the board. If this happens, "Plan B" is already in place. Obviously we have Sam Baker and we are stuck with him for the next two years because of his contract. We have Lamar Holmes as well who does not seem to be getting any better. I have been trying to convince myself that if we fortified the interior of the O-Line that somehow, thru divine intervention, that the offensive tackle play will get better - well it won't. I actually think there is a greater chance that Jake Matthews slides to #6 than Clowney. If St. Louis trades their pick or surprises with a WR or defensive player(Barr) and Clowney and a few QBs go, all of a sudden Jake Matthews could be available - its probably only a 33% chance at this point - but it could happen. Matthews is not prototype size for LT so that could hurt his draft stock a smidge.


Alternate Pick (if Matthews Gone): Trade down 5-10 spots and pick either Greg Robinson or Cameron Erving:


2nd rd(#2-036) Austin Seferian-Jenkins-TE, Washington (6'6", 266lbs)

3rd rd(#3-070) Aaron Donald-DT, Pittsburgh (6'0", 285lbs)

4th rd(#4-104) E.J. Gaines-CB, Missouri (5'11, 195lbs)

5th rd - Antone Exum-FS, Virginia Tech (6'1", 222lbs)

6th rd - Aaron Murray-QB, Georgia (6'0", 205lbs)

7th rd - Garrison Smith-DE, Georgia (6'3", 299lbs)

G-Dawg Summary: On some level, I feel I addressed every hole on the Falcons team. Its hard to address everything because this team needs so much. Obviously the ones that I did not address head-on are Free Saftey but I believe Antone Exum is a guy that could develop and he has "Seattle Size" and can play corner or safety - although I think in NFL he will be a safety. I spent a high pick on Tight End with Jenkins - but Seattle is probably going to scoop him or one of the other TEs up (Ebron/Amaro). While I believe the Falcons could get by with Toilolo and a journeyman - if Jenkins fell to our 2nd round pick - it would be too tempting to pass up - the guy is a real weapon with speed and size.

I filled our biggest holes in free agency with impact starters - i like this because it really opens up the draft to focus on the offensive lines and drafting more on a BPA level after the first round.

What say you?

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How much of Hardy's production this year has been because of Charles Johnson, Lotuleilei, Short, Kuechly and Davis? I'm not saying he's Ray Edwards II but is he a $12M/yr guy?

To me, Offensive Guard is more of a need than Tackle. We can get a stud OG in Rd 2 and use our #6 pick for a pass rusher.

Also, I would totally re-sign Peters, assuming he checks out medically. Achilles is a less debilitating injury for big guys than knee or back issues. Babs is also worthy of a contract if we can get him at a reasonable $.

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I like some things don't like some things.... Seems like a lot of FA signings that I won't happen.

If it worked out just like that we would have a solid looking team though


I just wanted to get Clowney out of my mock because I just don't think its going to happen. Also, if we get the stud DE in free agency - we better go ahead and get our Left Tackle now while we have a top of the 1st draft pick as - hopefully - we won't have a top 10 pick again for a very long time.

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I can't see TD blowing 72 million on Hardy; I think he stays with Carolina for even less than that. That's a monstrous deal/risk. I'd take him for less but 12m a year for him.... nah. I'd rather test the waters in the draft. Franks can kick rocks too, don't need him back.

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Love the Murray pick... but if he declares (I thought he wasn't going to...?) I think he would go higher than 6th... I may be wrong though (Tom Brady pt. 2? lols)

Looks solid. I personally feel we need to wait on a TE though, I have faith in Trololo and I think we should pick up a FS at 2nd and OG at 7th


Murray is a 5th year senior dude. He is out of eligibility.

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I just wanted to get Clowney out of my mock because I just don't think its going to happen. Also, if we get the stud DE in free agency - we better go ahead and get our Left Tackle now while we have a top of the 1st draft pick as - hopefully - we won't have a top 10 pick again for a very long time.

So you think we are letting Baker go?

Also Babs will be resigned in my opinion

Also i prefer Cyrus Koualdjio to Matthews

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its time to get a legit DE - in his prime.....no more Ray Edwards, no more Osi, no more Chris Doleman's off the world. A legit stud.

We do not need to tie up 72 mill in a DE , Helll I would rather move up for Clowney than do this, Michael Bennett would be same type of player as Hardy, much cheaper, I like your other FA signings. Hardy has also stated he wants to remain a Panty. We got to redo Julio, NO to the 72 million that is a fkng brain fart.

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Linval Joseph

Aaron Donald

Travian Robinson

Garrison Smith

we can sign a vet cheap

I just think all three that we have on roster that I am letting walk - none of them need to be re-signed.

I do not feel good about that at all. Robertson has not done much when he has seen the field and Smith is a 7th round rookie. I would feel much better about this situation if you re-signed Peters at least to supplement that unit because I do like Joseph and Donald is a prospect I hope we come away with in the draft. Your situation simply leaves too little depth and too much turnover.

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