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Needs And Don't Needs..my Input.


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Let's look at what we DON'T need..

QB: Matt is our franchise player. Period.

HB: Debatable. But I have seen Jackson take a beating and not fumble that ball. He has done more with no line, than some guys do with a line.

WR: Roddy, Julio, Douglas, Davis, Johnson..we have so much depth.. Imagine the sets we could go in, if Matt gets time to go through progressions.

CB: Trufant is tied for 10th or maybe even lower, in pass deflections. Had probably 4 picks if not for some drops. And Trufant has done a good job and both are blazing fast and have tremendous hustle. These guys have potential to be the top tandem in the NFL. Our Nickel spot could possibly get worked on, but McClain is capable.

SS: Moore is the toughest guy on our team. He goes hard every tackle. He has shown he isn't scared to go for the hit, even if it means take punishment on his own. Yes, he got blown up a few times this season..but at least he isn't whiffing and missing the tackle consistently like our other safety..

MLB: Worrilow is a gem. He reminds me of Zach Thomas so much its insane. He is literally at the ball at the end of every play.

MAY need to be addressed:

TE: Debatable. With our depth at WR, Toiliolo may be fine.

OLB: Bartu has stepped up. I honestly think he will get even better. And Spoon, when healthy, is good as well. He isn't a problem. And he is the voice and motivator of this team. BUT, with rotations, a OLB who can rush the QB, would be ideal. Especially if we run some 3-4 and kick Spoon or Bartu to the inside.

FS: Decoud at one point was a ball hawk. I believe if we bring in a coach for the DBs that teach this guy to tackle, he would be okay. But..I don't want to use a top 3 pick on a S.

FB: I don't know much about our FB, but I do know there are never any lanes to run in, and part of that may be due to FB play.

DE: You'll understand why this is in the "may need to address" catorgory.. Maponga, Mass, Goodman..we are VERY young at this position (excluding Osi, who we also have, obviously) so getting YOUNGER isn't a need..but I will concede that getting better, is.

Definite needs:

OG: Evident. This is our biggest need. But, that doesn't mean we take a first rounder on it. There are plenty of first round talents possibly falling to the second.. (Gabe, Yankey, and possibly Cyril Richardson) and Free Agents like Asomoah, Matt Slauson. There should be NO WAY that we do not upgrade this position, and even possibly find a replacement for Blaock when he is gone, in the process.

OT: We need protection everywhere for Matt. Baker is locked in and well, he has sucked. I have seen some stretches, when healthy of him actually being okay. Due to the contract, he's going to start..rather its LT or RT, the other side has to be addressed. There is plenty of talent in the draft.. (Lewan, Matthews, Cyrus, Irving, James Hurst Antonio Richardson) and I'm sure I'm missing some. And then Free Agency: Branden Albert, Oher, Eugene Monroe, etc. Like G, there is no way this should not be fixed.

C: WE NEED PROTECTION EVERYWHERE. Period. I don't know anything about draftable Centers, but the free agent list is deep: Mack, Du Le Puente, Fernando or whatever from Pitt. And even more I'm sure. We have to address this.

DT: Peter's is hurt, Babs is up there in age..and this draft is DEEP.. (Hageman, Nix, Sutton, Donald, Jernigan, Mccullers, etc) and then in Free Agency: Soliai, Starks, Linval Joseph, Melton, etc.. I want us to get two DTs this off-season. Idc if they're both drafted, both free agents, or a mix of both.

PASS RUSHER: I don't care where it comes from. Draft, or Free Agency. I don't care what position. There is so much depth available.. draft (Mack, Clowney, Barr, Attaochu, Beasley, Michael Sam, Shaizer and the guy from Stanford, etc) and in FA: Orakpo, Michael Johnson, Jared Allen, Greg Hardy, Michael Bennett, etc.. we have to get two pass rushers. Imagine something like Michael Johnson from FA, and Michael Sam from the draft? Goodness, the possibilities.

Basically everything I posted is obvious. I just had to post something. What do you guys want to see done? I'm sure I missed something. What's our cap like for sure? Are up there with the upper echelon of available space?

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I'd add to HB, we have Snelling, Quizz and Smith on the team as well, all of whom have shown ability to rush the football. And we have Josh Vaughn waiting in the wings. Very deep at RB, IMHO. I wouldn't spend a single draft pick or a dollar of FA money here.

Agree with the needs. I think the order of need is OG, DT, OT, DE/OLB. And I'd like to shore up the depth at ILB while we're at it.

We could get another FS, but honestly, I think DeCould, as bad as he's been this season, is way down on the list of things we need to fix. We can win with a mediocre FS who once was a Pro Bowl alternate. We cannot win without help at OG, DT, OT and DE/OLB. Period.

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