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Carlolina Game Bright Spots


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The trial by fire by the rookies is going to pay off big time next year, heck it started to show that it did a few weeks ago. I think today's game hammers home the point this franchise has to completely sell out and do everything at it's disposal to fix the Oline. We all saw it all year, but today's game just hammered the point home.

On a side note, a lot of good came out of this game for us as well in terms of our opponent. They are about to have to back the Brinks truck up for a QB that simply cannot make intermediate and deep throws with any sort of accuracy or consistency. They are about to lock up a head coach who should have been fired last year and has his defensive coordinator (who will get some calls for coaching vacancies) to thank for saving his job. They are already in cap **** thanks to Marty Hurney even with the rookie qb cap hit and have some HUGE names to resign (bye bye Greg Hardy). CAR better win now, because their window slams shut when they start having to part ways with talent due to having to pay Newton. And they keep an ignoramus for a head coach as well.

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