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Season Appreciation Thread


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Although it has not been the ideal season and what we expected, there were still bright spots for the team. Here are some that I noticed, feel free to comment what you think and any others that deserve some recognition.

Matt Ryan - Playing with a bad O-Line has sort of changed the way he played, and threw it quicker and improved agility and pocket awareness. Ryan still had a good season and often times threw WRs open and he kept us in every game.

Steven Jackson - He played with fight and had a no quit attitude the entire season. Every hand-off he is met by several defenders before even reaching the LOS, but S-Jax kept on fighting for each yard and has started to break through these past couple of weeks. I've seen him take some hard hits, get back up, and then deliver an even harder hit. Way to fight.

Antone Smith - A lot of people including me did not want to see this guy play over Josh Vaughan, but Smith shut everyone up. His speed is deadly and like always he is a beast on ST. High character guy with fire inside him, he deserves more hand-offs next season and tomorrow.

Roddy White - He tried to fight through injury and just wasn't himself for most of the season. Roddy finally got healthy towards the latter part of the season, and he has brought a huge lift to the team. He still has it folks!

Harry Douglas - say whatever you want to say about this man, but he got his first 1000 yard season and that is impressive. He wasn't dominate or flashy this season, but did his job and was a legitimate option when everyone else seemed to disappear. Get some better cleats though.

Tony Gonzalez - I shouldn't even have to say anything about him. He is the best TE to ever play the game and a top 5 skill position player imo. Just watching him play, you can see how well conditioned he is and the veteran moves he uses to establish position on defenders. Tony is a joy to watch, still a top 5 TE even at his old age, and a class guy off the field. He represents the good that can still be achieved for professional athletes.

Joplo Bartu - It is hard for an undrafted player to get on a team, let alone become a starter. Jop has shown flashes of greatness and is the best defense against TEs we have had in ages. I like this guy and think he has a bright and long future with us.

Robert Alford - I liked what I saw from him. He played hard, didn't give up on plays, and was physical with WRs. He had some up and downs and had some trouble against deep passes, but all in all a good season to build on.

Paul Worrilow - Came from nowhere and he has become a very good LBer. His instincts are amazing and he is always around the ball. Worrilow needs to get better in coverage and meeting the RB sooner, but he is a keeper.

Desmond Trufant - I can't be more pleased with this guy. He had troubles at the beginning of the season, but has been amazing for the past couple of weeks. I love his confidence and the fire he plays with. A smart player with a chippy side. I can't wait to watch him for many more seasons to come as he is one of my favorite players from this season.

Matt Bosher - All. Around. Punter. Does great onside kicks, punts like a goon, and makes the big hits and tackles.

Thanks for the season Falcons and organization. Let's build on this and use this positively for seasons to come. Rise Up!

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Are you Daniel Cox or Jay Adams is real life?

Seriously I can see appreciating the fact that nobody got a career ending injury or the fact that the upcoming draft seem deep but not this fanboy crap??

Roddy and JSax...am I seeing this correctly?? Roddy White hurt this team badly by beibf the equivelent of a paper weight for half the season. SJax has missed a ton of time, done nothing when he has played and dropped the TD that would have beaten the Saints. You actually used the word "Greatness" in a paragraph describing Bartu. Again I repeat you used the word greatness in something to do with Bartu...I will move on.

Maybe we should add an appreciating thread simply for Mike Smith's clock management or Thomas DeCoud's tackling or better yet maybe on for the "Great" Spoon. He did have that amazing play on that pick six that Steven Hawking could have made, but he was so good on those 13 plays he was healthy for this year!

You don't have to suck coprorate d$$k to be a fan and it does not make you a hater for hating a decision by the franchise. We sucked and the only thing to be thankful for is that it is over soon and we can focus on drafting some violent players, not team captains and choir boys, so we can stop being manhandled on both sides of the ball.

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I can only credit half of those guys:

Ryan - did what he could, but it was glaring that we gave him a contract he can't live up to on his own

Jackson - bust, bad signing, even though he's fighting he's noticeably slow and not what he was and we'd be better off with a fresh face next year

Smith - yes, he did everything he possibly could, which wasn't good enough for the boneheaded staff

White - I know Roddy was fighting injury and not complaining, happy with what I've seen late

Douglas - his 1,000 yards just feels empty, he's like a Steve Breaston 1,000 yards

Gonzo - rusty for a while and it hampered us some, but the GOAT for a TE and I'd love for him to give it one more shot

Bartu - looks solid, but has some development to work on, with his speed and some grooming he could be a great player

Alford - athletic but he's been flat out abused at times, but still he's a rookie and I'll give him some time

Worrilow - did everything he could this season, looks to be a very, very good FA pickup

Trufant - I can't say anything negative about this guy, he's look great and Moore has cost him 2-3 picks

Bosher - did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you could ask of him

Blalock for being the only consistently solid Olineman we have.

A good addition to the list, Blalock is our only lineman that would start on half the teams in the NFL

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Oh wait I reread it and just noticed Harry Douglas...this must be a fake post.

Harry Douglas who coust us 3 games this year and a trip to the SuperBowl last year with his phantom trip. Nothing to be thankful about except be produced the most none productive 1000 yards in the history of football.

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