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Merry Christmas

Guest terryowens81

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Guest terryowens81

I don't question that a man may have existed with special gifts that he could have attributed to a spiritual overlord. I don't doubt this man could have preached forgiveness, tolerance, humility, and love for your neighbors. It's certainly possible this man could have led an uprising against imperialistic oppressors. I don't doubt this man would've been executed for his perceived threat against oppresive rulers.

That's why I can say Go Jesus! Whether he really existed or not, he was all about taking it to the Man. And I can respect that. So depending on the way you want to see it, a man named Jesus really could have died for our sins of uprising against the establishment.

So Merry Christmas except for the shariah law loving muslims who oppress freedom and treat their women like ****. Burn them all in ****.

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