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Roddy White Has To Make That Play...

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The **** Roddy?

The 9ers don't get pick6's against us. You always come out of nowhere and tip the ball out.

Really dropped the ball on this one Sharrod.

LMAO! I had the baby in my lap when it happened and she had fallen asleep - so I was yelling quietly (lol) - RODDY! My husband said - that was Harry because he thought I meant Roddy caused the interception - but I was actually crying for Roddy to catch him from behind and knock the ball out!

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I know right, HD goes thru all that trouble to set Roddy up...and nothing.

I think the problem is that HD has grown so much in his role this year that he decided to freestyle that play. Roddy was expecting to rip the hearts out of the niners in the final minute, and HD jumped the gun with the volleyball bump set too soon. Like I said, been that kinda year.

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