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The Good Thing About This Season Is...


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the GM has been fine. Hes hit on many of his picks and every GM are gonna have misses.

There are tons of people who agree with you. Fans of teams other than the Falcons, other teams owners, GMs, coaches, players....especially the QBs. TD has helped make some of these QBs a ton of money.

Dunta Robinson thinks the world of TD. So does Ray Edwards.

They all love the job TD has done. Truly they do.

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Us old timers all agree on this.

Not sure I'm an old timer but that is the silver lining I've found in this season. I really do feel like as bad as this season has been that it will payoff in the long run. Injuries are inevitable and we'll have a few next season, hopefully not season ending ones, and the guys who got some snaps this year will be ready when their name is called in the future.

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