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Dj Vs Hd


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looks look at #19 vs #83. #19 takes full advantage of every chance he gets, made a huge play and has the quickness to be an effective slot receiver when we get Roddy and Julio on the field together again. HD plays every game like the other team payed him to help the Falcons lose, dropping passes, tipping INTs up in the air out of his hands, fumbling the ball when no one touches him, falling down running routes.

2014 i'm all for replacing #83 with #19. Then we have that other practice squad dude that shined when he was given a chance to shine which i forgot his name but could be the 4th option at WR. I just think at this point that DJ>HD

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I cant remember Davis dropping a ball ever, dude is solid and I also like Darius Johnson. Those 2 can make HD expendable, but baring that one play, HD has been solid this season. Only dude who stayed healthy.

yeah he has good numbers but dude constantly makes mistakes and he didnt just start doing it this year, i just tink davis and johnson can replace HD easily. they both shine when given the chance to.

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To bad the O-line play only hurt MR's stats.

The bulk of that 1k was when HD was asked to step up...JJ(IR)/RW(still not ready)/TG(3x teamed).

I was glad to see HD step up this year -- I always thought he could if given the opertunity. Just too bad it had to come by injuries to JJ and Roddy.

ADDED I do not understand all the ill will toward HD.. Gonzo, White and Rodgers all missed passes it that game. How can someone single out HD I think it's a sign of confidence in his ability when they go to him in critical situations.

I am also pleased to see both Drew Davis and Darius Johnson looking good when they get a chance...

a Deep WRs corp is great --just need to rotated them or use all of them so that all stay sharp

Real question

Who rotates them in and out during a game, ,Smith, Koetter, or Robiskie ???

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